Zenit St Petersburg vs Malmö FF Betting Review

Zenit St Petersburg vs Malmö FF Betting Review

Petersburg and Malmo will fight against each other on 29th September 2021. If you have any experience in the past, you can get the required result within no time. I am here to assist you with the head to head, prediction, latest performance, betting odds & tips. All the information about the Champions League matches has been taken from past profiles.

Latest Performance

I have seen that both the teams played 6,6 games in the last some time. Petersburg played six games to win nothing. They failed in 5 matches and drew only one. If we see the performance of Malmo FF, then they won 3 games to fail in 2 also.

Head to Head

In this year, both sides did not face each other. So, we cannot release any information about the expected result in a short time.


Zenit St Petersburg picked 50% chances to win by knowing the latest result versus other teams. Unfortunately, Malmo also picked 27% chances to win the next game.

Goals in the Champions League

I have seen that both teams did not play even a single game in the Champions League. So, there is no information about the goals in the last game.


We have six days to see the game. So, both the team will announce the final XI before the start of the game. You need to update here till the start of the game.

Betting Odds & Tips

Petersburg picked 11/20 betting prices in the current game. The other team, Malmo, also gained a 9/2 betting price to win the game. It showed that Petersburg had more chances to win.


All the information has been taken from the official spots. If you still have any issues, you can compare the facts and figures to any other same spot. According to my own experience, there is no two opinions instead of Petersburg. The prediction of the game also favoured Petersburg. We picked predictions from the past data.