Serendipity Slot Review

Serendipity Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Serendipity Slot Review

I have seen that the Serendipity game is the same as Lady Luck. No doubt, there are some different features in this slot also. The Gluck Games and Yggdrasil both did well to release this slot machine. Lady lucks was living in the valley. I found the same colors and grass on the grounds. The appearance of the waterfall from the cliffs is good to see. You are going to see a decent game once again.

Reels & RTP

There are five lines in the slot machine with ten pay lines. The amount of RTP is only 95%. It is not a good amount nowadays. If you did well in the entire slot, then you can win up to $100,000. Do not worry, and you will be awarded too many multipliers and free symbols to get the maximum jackpots.

Serendipity Betting and Prizes

We found few lines in the slot machine. You can unlock the game after playing only 5 cents to the makers. The betting range has started from 5 cents to $20. If you do well in the game, you can win up to the $100,000 reward at the end. The amount of RTP can increase by doing well in the middle of the game.

Serendipity Slot Features

Lady Luck is one of the best features to use in the game. It will do work like wilds symbols. You may use it as alternate symbols to increase the prize and combinations by 2x.

If you want to get the 3 to 5 scatter symbols, you need to get the Orb for free spins. You may pick the 200x the stake through those same symbols. Free symbols and free spins are easy to pick after landing the scatter symbols.

The game has consisted of fifteen free spins during wins. It will improve the multiplier to select the wheel of Fortune. The multiplier from 3X to 5X will release for you in the form of a payout. You may increase it to 10x also.

We did not pick any best result from the Serendipity, but the other features of different multipliers will help you release the tensions. The presence of low volatility can create an issue for you.


It is the game dedicated to Lady Luck. The theme of the play is related to the Irish Origins. We are sorry to post lower-quality back-screen images. The presence of pick valleys, Lady Luck’s lives, and tangible symbols are praisable to use. All the colors made a decent slot.

We have seen that Serendipity symbols created a lot of options to win. The Royals started from 9 to A also. All the five major characters will show luck horseshoe. Four leave covers, gold coins, ladybug, and rabbit foot are also useable. The Arabs will act as a scatter symbol to use.


There are some powerful features in the game. You will enjoy the graphics in the gameplay. I want to enjoy the combinations features in the game. No doubt, we have lower volatility and minimum RTP rate to use. Overall it is an average game for users.

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