Rise of Great Britain

Rise of Great Britain

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Football

Rise of Great Britain from the EU could be detrimental to the Premier League

Vice President of West Ham Karen Brady warned last year that “the separation of Europe” had devastating impact.

She is particularly concerned about the legislation on freedom of movement that are in force and which allow English clubs to recruit players from the EU and without having to offer them work permits.

Players from outside the EU must meet the criteria to get a visa, such as how much time they played in international matches and how strong their national team, although there may be exceptions, writes AFP.

A study released in September, “The Guardian” has shown that two thirds of players in the Premier League from the EU would not meet these criteria.

With less Star League would no longer be so attractive, which would pave the way rival championships, such as the Spanish Primera and the German Bundesliga, to suppress the Premier League in terms of advertising.

Premier League has not officially taken a position on the referendum on who will be 23 on June Brits pronounce the remainder of the country in the EU. However, last October the Executive Director of the League Skadamor Richard said: “I think that we, in the United Kingdom, from a business standpoint we should be in Europe.”

English Football Association (FA) has also declined to comment refernedum but this organization appears to be, as the protector of English football, had more benefits than Bregzita internationally oriented than the Premier League.

Clubs would be increasingly difficult to fill the ranks of its European players, which would facilitate British players “in pain”.

FA intends to halt the decline in the number of English players in the Premier League and has already introduced legislation that tightened the issuance of visas for the players who come from countries outside the EU.

Wayne Harling, a member of the UK Independence Party believes that the exit from the EU facilitate the development of the domestic players like 18-year-old Markus Rašforda, newcomers to Manchester United.

“Rašford game just because of the crisis with injuries, but the problem with such a large number of EU players in the Premier League is because people like him would never be given a chance,” he told AFP, adding Harling. – Academy of failing to push through permanent contracts for players because it is cheaper to recruit more key players from abroad.

British players do not play so often in foreign clubs, but I would go out of Britain from the EU made it difficult for stars such as Gareth Bale, who left Tottenham and Real Madrid went in 2013 to play in European clubs.

Premier League would, if left without any obligation to share the toys to those from outside the EU could truly become the world league, with the leading players from South America, Africa and Asia in addition to players from Belgium or France.

Many big names in the league are not from Europe, such as Serhiy Argentine Aguero, Manchester City striker, or Riyadh Mahrez, sensations from Algeria, who plays for Leicester.

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