Ocean Drive Slot Review

Ocean Drive Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Ocean Drive Slot Review

Everyone knows that it is the end of the year 2021. All the producers want to get more players on slots. So, Microgaming tried its best to promote betting. Yes, Ocean Drive is one of the best products of makers. No doubt, there are many usual features in the slot, but you will get more jackpots than in the past. In the 20th century, we failed to see such kinds of games. The design and theme of the game are also impressive.

How many reels are in the slot?

There are five reels in the slot machine.

How many lines are in the game?

There are twenty lines to cover in the slot. You can make combinations on reels with the help of symbols.

What are the significant features of the slot?

Scatters, wilds, reels, free spins, rewards, and multipliers are the significant features of the game.

What are the maximum rewards?

You can win up to 200x the stake after doing well in-game.

Which is the producer of the game?

Booming Games are the makers of this slot machine.

When will it come to market?

You can play it at the end of December 2021.

What is the betting range to unlock spins?

The betting range has started from 20 cents to $40. It means that you have to pay this amount for playing this slot.

Are there any options for progressive jackpot and Megaways?

No, there are not any features of megaways and progressive jackpots.

What about the theme of the game?

If we see it, then you can remember a crime show theme. The design of the theme is also impressive to see. We have seen some sunny places in the back of it. All the players can enjoy the three leading roles in the slot. You need to focus on the gree sports car and minor positions by five Royals. Overall, it is a decent design.

What are the advantages of a slot machine?

It is a penny slot game.

How to Play it?

At the start of gameplay, you have to focus on the wild symbols. These are the only symbols that will help you to make pairs. If you can make it, then you can win maximum jackpots.

Bonus trigger is another cool feature for users. You can claim a prize with the help of it. All the rewards will come with additional bonuses. It can realize 20x. Minor, minor, and Grand are the big jackpots in features.

The wilds reels are one of the simplest reels in the slot. You can post wilds to all the positions. All the walking wilds can do the same thing as in the past.

At last, the Police car is also scattered. You may land it on all the reels. Having 3rd to 5th scatters, you can get a maximum of 12 free spins. Do not forget to use Walking Wilds during the free spins. Moreover, do not forget to pick the bonuses and multipliers.


It is only better for newcomers in the market. The amount of 200x is not a good figure for high profiles users.


It is a slot that has some excellent features in it. I know most of the functions and features are the same as expected. However, all the experienced players will not be happy with the rewards. It is a significant advantage to play it.

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