Juventus vs Chelsea Betting Review – Champions League – 30 September

Juventus vs Chelsea Betting Review – Champions League – 30 September

Do not post any betting without knowing the facts and figures of the game. I have seen that most of the newcomers failed to release the right prediction. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head information, prediction, number of goals in the last games, betting odds & tips, statistics, and other related information.

Latest Performance

I picked the information from the last six games. Juventus played six games to remain undefeated in only two games. Four games were distributed equally in draw and failure.

Head to Head

Both the teams did not play even a single game last year. So, we cannot take any help from head-to-head data.


According to our own experience and official sources, I have checked that Juventus picked only 29% chances to win versus the 44% for the Chelsea side.


Juventus did not play even a single game in the home under the Champions League. Alex remained the top scorer with one goal from its side.

If we see the performance of Chelsea, then they did not play in the season. Lukaku posted only one goal in the last game to become the top scorer.


Both the teams did not announce any squad for an important game. They would like to announce before the start of the game.


Chelsea has won the last games in the same league.

Betting odds & tips

We need to know the betting price before taking any action. Chelsea picked a 21/20 betting rate versus the 11/4 for the Juventus team. According to the expectations of different experts, then we are expecting a draw game.


I tried my best to put all the essential information for the viewers. If you still have any issues, then you may change the spot. Chelsea has more chances to win the game. All the prediction has taken from the official sources. We are not responsible for any problem in the coming time.