Hunters Moon GigaBlox Casino Slot Review

Hunters Moon GigaBlox Casino Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Hunters Moon GigaBlox Online Casino Slot Review

The Hunters Moon Gigablox will release by the Yggdrasil in October. We may call it a bulletproof casino game. We have checked that the name of the game showed the Gigablox engine in the slot. It is one of the best and different slots of Yggdrasil after a long time. The woman is the main character in the game, like a hinter. All the players will take an interest in the sabre and bow among the arrows.

Reels & RTP in the Slot

There are six reels for the users in the slot among the 50 lines to make the pairs. If you have the power to play, then you may win up to 1000x the stakes in each spin. No doubt, the Return to Player is very low, like the 95%, but if you have experience with the wilds, mega symbols and free spins, then it is not a big deal to change the way.

Betting amount and prize

One thing to take into account is that you need to pay for each line in the slot. The value of one coin started from only one cent to $2, whereas the whole amount is ranged from $0.50 to $100 that is not a big deal.

The amount of maximum jackpot is the only thing to impress the viewers from the entire world. If you play a good game, you can win up to the $1000,000 amount at the end. It is not a low price for all the viewers. Only the RTP will be the issue for viewers.

Hunters Moon Gigablox Slot Features

Most of the functions showed in the title of the game. It has enormous size symbols on the reels. You can alter the symbols from two to 5 at any time. It all relies on o the numbers and range of symbols. If you play well in the middle of game time, the 6th reel may convert into the regular lines. The additional reels will show at the top of the screen. It will convert into four positions from left to the right.

The extra reels will pick more bonus symbols on the reels to make more pairs. Fortunately, if you pick the extra Gigablox reels, then you can convert all the reels into the bonus. If you look into the significant features of the game, then the woman herself will show as alternate symbols. She will appear in the right line to bring new combinations. The wilds symbols will also do the work of bonus symbols. Suppose that if you succeed in finding the 6 Hunter Wilds on the same line, do not worry about the following procedures. The machine will automatically make the combinations.


The manufacturers have created some variations in them. They added the Full Moon in the sky, beautiful white hairs, sword and armed among the bow. Unfortunately, we were not expecting such kind of elements in the slot. There is not any connection among all the significant parts of the game. It has consisted of the massive area on the slot, but something needs to improve. Bonus reels, free spins and extra options could be the best for viewers.


If we see the other Yggdrasil Online casino slots, it is a handsome game for viewers with a modern and new theme. The RTP will create problems, but if you have any experience, then you may overcome it. I want to ask you if you have any other better option than not wasting time in this mean prize game.

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