FC Bayern München vs Dynamo Kyiv Betting Review – Champions League 2021- 30th September

FC Bayern München vs Dynamo Kyiv Betting Review – Champions League 2021- 30th September

FC Bayern and Dynamo Kyiv will play with each other on 30th September. Both the side played a lot of games in the past to increase the experience. But, it is an important game to play. I have taken the official data from different kinds of sources. The betting review has consisted of head to head, prediction, latest performance, betting odds & tips. Let’s start with the detail without wasting any time.

Latest Performance

I took the information from the last six games to compare with each other. FC Bayern won all six games to create pressure on the other side. If we see the result of Dynamo Kyiv, they also played six games and won in 2 games. They lost in 2 games, and the other two did not create any result for the side.

Head to Head

Both the teams did not play even a single game in recent times.


The FC Bayern Picked 85% chances to win the game. However, the Dynamo also gained only 5% chances to win. It cleared the difference between the two sides.

Goals in the Champions League

FC Bayern did not play a single game in the Champions League. The Top scorer was Robert with only two goals. If we see the games of the other side in the Champions League, then they also failed to play a single game.


I have checked that both sides did not announce the final XI for coming an important game.

Betting Odds

It is essential to release the betting price for two teams. All the users want to get information about it. FC Bayern picked 1/14 betting price versus the 28/1 for the Dynamo.


FC Bayern Munchen remained undefeated in the last two games. The other side did not pick any positive result in last some time.

Betting Tips

According to my own experience, both sides will not post any incoming goal game. It took from the latest performance.


I put all the official information above for the viewers. If you still have any issues about the best side, you can take help from any other spot. There are no two opinions about the winner of the day. The FC Bayern will beat the opposition with a heavy margin. Only a miracle can change the side of the game.