Curse of the Pharaoh Slot Review

Curse of the Pharaoh Slot Review

If you want to play a game consisting of an Ancient Egyptian theme, then Curse of the Pharaoh is the right choice. I have checked that all the major elements have been added to it. There are numerous and valuable functions and features in the slot. If you have any experience in the past, then no one can stop you from winning maximum jackpots.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels in the slot machine. You can use 20 lines to win maximum jackpots. I am happy to announce that the amount of RTP was raised to 96.97% to assist better. The addition of free spins, wilds, scatters, and a multiplier will increase the winning chances all the time.

Betting range and payout

I want to ask you to use the different kinds of symbols for making the pairs. You can make a lot of pairs and combinations with the help of a betting range. It has started from 1 cent to $300. All the special features and betting range will release 2,8000x your stake.

Curse of the Pharaoh Slot’s Features

No doubt, the theme of the game is very common. All the symbols have been used in the past much time. You will see the Egyptian glyphs all over the reels. It has the same features as in the Bastet, Ra, Thoth, and Anubis. These are the special symbols and features.

The wilds symbols will land on the 2nd and 3rd reels. You can replace the symbols with 2nd to 4th reels; you will get the scatters and free spins. It will fall on the first to the 5th reels. Then, the three groups of free spins will start to land. All the free spins with the 6x, 12x, 18x, and 30X will release with a multiplier of 3x, 6x, 9x, 10x.

After getting help from all the features, you can get more positive results from the multipliers to increase the value of the jackpot. Do not forget to make the winning combinations. At last, Bonus Buy will boost the bonus.


As we discussed at the start, that theme is related to Ancient Egypt. You need to take the reels to the middle part of the screen. You can get the nice temple on the back screen of the game. The presence of an Indian Jones explorer will create a lot of chances. It is a superb game to enjoy. The result on the smartphone is also awful.


The theme of the game is very common as compared to the latest game. There is a grid of features and functions in the slot. The addition of wilds scatters and three consecutive groups of free spins are enough to increase the jackpots. Do not forget to see the multiplier for picking maximum payouts. In the end, Drop mechanic and Bonus Buy features are good to catch prizes.