Cardiff City vs Middleborough Betting Review – 23rd October

Cardiff City vs Middleborough Betting Review – 23rd October

It is the first game of the English Football League on 23rd October 2021. Both sides had played a lot of games in the past. I am here to assist you with the betting review. It has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, predictions, betting odds and tips, statistics and outcomes. All the data have been taken from official sources.

Latest Performance

I took the information from the last games. It has been seen that Cardiff City played six games and remained undefeated in a single game. On the other hand, Middleborough also played an exact number of games and won two times.

Head to Head

Both the sides played to each other in the 2nd month of the year. But, no one rattled the hopes of others. We cannot expect any result by knowing the head to head result.


According to the latest news and updates, I have checked that Cardiff City picked 38% chances to win. If we see the outcome of Middleborough, then they also gained 33% chances to win.


Both the teams did not announce any final lineup for the coming game. We have to wait till the start of the game. No one would like to exclude the top performer from the final playing XI.

Goals in the English Football League

There is a complete difference in the result of living at home and away from it. Cardiff City played six games and won in a single game. On the other side, Middleborough also took part in 6 games and won in a single game. It showed the clear difference between the two teams.

Betting Odds & Tips

After reading all the above information, Cardiff City picked more betting rates as compare to Middleborough. If we see the last result, then we are not expecting any result incoming game.


I tried my best to post all the required information for the viewers. If you still have any issues, then you may change your mind towards any other spot. Do not hurry to put a bet on any side. It would be best if you searched a lot of facts and figures to get a reliable result.