Yggdrasil was awarded the Innovator of the Year 2017

Yggdrasil was awarded the Innovator of the Year 2017

Posted on June 22, 2024 by in Gambling

Traditionally, ICE Totally Gaming, the largest gaming fair in the world, also provides the right framework for the coveted International Gaming Awards, which have already been awarded this 10 times this year, and once again the best products and companies of the online casino Industry. At the same time, the IGA’s award was again packed with high-profile representatives from all leading gambling companies from Merkur, through Novomatic to Microgaming and NetEnt. Yggdrasil, who was the winner of this year’s “Innovator of the Year 2017”, of the International Gaming Awards, were able to add their own, growing list of awards to a developer studio.

Unique marketing tools and pure innovation ensured Yggdrasil the price

Many are destined, but only a few are chosen! Just this wisdom hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to the developer Yggdrasil from Malta.No other comparable and still young manufacturer of slot machines for on-line casinos, it has also only approached a development like these soft warmers.If not already the great automaton games alone a good reason to explain the extreme popularity of the Yggdrasil machines, it is in the end mainly the connection of these games with the self-developed marketing tools that catapults this studio within two years into the international leadership to have.For other manufacturers, the press department can be happy to announce a real innovation once a year, with Yggdrasil doing this every quarter.Last year alone, the Maltese’s highly creative development department launched two outstanding tools, which not only helped the online casino operators with powerful tools for their promotional work, but also presented exciting new features to the crowd around the world, which raised your own player experience to a whole new level.Who had not always dreamed of recording their own powerful spins at the game machines, holding on to the eternity and sharing with their own friends on social networks?With the revolutionary BRAG tool from Yggdrasil, the dream finally became a reality.The MISSION tool of the Malte series was also a trailblazer in the past year, which made it possible for the operators of the online casinos to create cross-game missions, and has been used extensively for interesting profit games since the virtual playing halls such as the well-known Merkur Casino Sun maker.

“Fusion Realms” will be the next big coup of Yggdrasil

A statement from the CEO of Yggdrasil, Fredrik Elmqvist, worried about the end of last year, as he set the goal for the company as nothing less than to become the leading developer of gaming machines for online casinos in the foreseeable future. How serious it is for the Maltese to achieve this goal and that there is no reason for the competitors such as NetEnt and Microgaming not to take the statements of Fredrik Elmqvist seriously, then Yggdrasil showed immediately at the ICE Totally Gaming with the performance Its new revolutionary game mechanics for slot machines with the name “Fusion Realms”. Today’s online casinos and gambling machines are mainly software, and why are the old rules from the age of mechanical rolling games where the different roles always have the same number of rows? This question was probably one of the driving forces within the creative development department of Yggdrasil and “Fusion Realm” as a new game mechanics the answer. With it it will be possible for the Maltese in the future to create slots, which will be completely different than what the common gamblers has been put before the nose. So there will be not only a completely different number of fields on the different roles, such as Role 1 and 5 with 2 squares and roles 2, 3 and 4 with 5 squares, but it can also be lively within the game between the different Constellations. All of this will bring a completely new feel to the new Yggdrasil game machines equipped with “Fusion Realms” for the Gambler, as well as offering a myriad of different ways to win.

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