WWE Legends: Link & Win Online Casino Game Betting Review

WWE Legends: Link & Win Online Casino Game Betting Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
WWE Legends: Link & Win Online Casino Game Betting Review

Every casino game maker is trying to meet the requirement of users nowadays. WWE Legends: Link & Win is one of the best games of Microgaming in a long time. The theme of the game has consisted of USA professional wrestling. We have seen that the makers of the game are hoping to achieve the target from the USA. But, according to reality, we checked that all the features in the game are awful for us.

Reels & RTP Value

I have checked that the game has only five reels and 25 pay lines for the viewers. If you play the game until the end of the task, you can win up to 25,000X the stake. No doubt, the Return to Player (RTP) is up to 96%. This amount is not a bad option for the viewers. The additional features like the wilds scatter, streak, re-spins, and free spins will help you draw more than usual.

Betting range and prize

The amount of betting attached the players towards it. I have checked that you can bet from only $0.10 to $20 for each round of casino games. If you play well through the game, then you can win up to $500,000. It is not a lower amount for everyone. If we see the RTP amount, then the 96% is not a bad figure to take the risk in the game.

WWE Legends: Link & Win Slot Features

Every game of online casino depends upon the Wild symbol in the whole process. You may call it a WWE logo. You can replace it with the regular symbols for making combinations. If you have experience, then you can make a full combo for 20x the stake.

One thing takes into account is that the hyper spins will release the free spins. No doubt, it was offered many times in the same manufacturer’s game. You have an option to replace it with the other altered symbols. All the outcomes prices showed with the symbols. Suppose that if you make a combo among the 3 Aces. You will not get the complete amount.

There are many options to get triggers to generate the free spins on the reels. A player can get up to five free spins. Three rounds may also add to the game as free. The middle three columns to mix and the mega symbols will fall therein size 3. Here are the different kinds of coins to pay more than usual.

  1. All the regular coins will attach to cash prizes.
  2. You can win up to the 5,000x the stakes from only one jackpot from 4.
  3. The green collecter coins will pay you more than all the others.
  4. The Red player coins will increase the value of coins.
  5. We have seen that the Blue multiplier will increase the multiplier.


The theme is taken from the WWE brand. All the symbols also showed the same presence. The logo, wilds symbols, coins, scatter symbols, and other features are more important than others. Royals, jack, and AC are the best to attain the target. Steve Austin, Macho man, Booker, and Eddie are a major role in the game.


The game is specially made for the lovers of wrestling in the whole world. No doubt, it will appraise the viewers more. All the required features have been added to the theme. It would help if you spent some time to win the maximum jackpot. Overall, it is not a bad option to gain the experience also.

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