Wrath of Medusa Slot Review

Wrath of Medusa Slot Review

Wrath of Medusa Slot could be a good and bad game for the gamblers. It is up to the Player how they handle it. We assured that the theme and set showed some Ancient Greece look, which is a good thing. The Wrath of Medusa’s review contained symbols of information, multipliers, stacks, free games, rewards, and betting range. You will be aware of all the functions and features after reading the Wrath of Medusa review.

Wrath of Medusa is one of the unique slots to play online in the entire world. Most of the online gamblers will be happy to see the functions of this game. Online betting is fruitful for experienced people who know to run it. One thing that takes into account is that it does not play any casino slot if you failed to handle it in the past.

Functions in the Slot

Wrath of Medusa Casino slot has only five reels and twenty pay-lines to fill all the empty spaces in the area. Unfortunately, the amount of Return to the Player failed to face the requirements of the casino market. On the other hand, the final payout also wills a matter for the newcomers. Medusa wilds and Scatters of Perseus, along with the free spins, can add more to the gambler account than the fixed amount. It is interesting to play the hidden functions and games of Wrath of Medusa.

Betting Range and Payout

The amount of wager showed the value of the game always. Wrath of Medusa has a range of betting between  $0.20 to $50 to unlock all functions of the slot. Both the main components in the game, like the Return to Player and final rewards, depressed the users all the time. Now, it is up to the players to handle the tough situation of game symbols and stacks. Furthermore, the trigger features would be the last hope to gain much better from the slot.

How to Play Wrath of Medusa Slot?

At the start of the game, pick the wild symbol of Medusa to fall into the three columns. It is the only wild symbol which used for both purposes like to make combination and other reason. A lot of wins brought through this working of Medusa wilds. You can also change the regular lower values symbol towards the maximum payout ones. Do not waste time during the playing times because you posted a lot of coins in the form betting.

Perseus Scatter has composed of many free spins function to increase the value of the reel. There is a 5th reel to do it beneficial work for a player. After landing all the reels, you can count the free spins that you gained during the entire job. Online betting proved useful in the last decade due to having easy work than offline. At the end of game time, Sticky Soldier will get their previous position to get the winning form. If you did well here, no one could stop you from picking the re-spins feature, which is the main thing for us. It is very tough to unlock the re-spins for the first time, but 2nd time these will come to your sides automatically. Free games also helped the Player to draw more without giving any input to the makers.

The Theme of Wrath of Medusa Slot

Wrath of Medusa provided a decent design and well theme to the gamblers. I have a great chance to enjoy the hidden features of the game. A lot of things have seen before ten years. The maker posted some new something very fast by knowing the market conditions. After a long time, regular symbols and suits of cards started to work together to enhance the jackpots. Symbols of helmets, swords, snake, shields, and bow increased the market value of Wrath of Medusa.


All the other features are excellent to see here rather than the final rewards and payout. I am apprehensive after knowing the RTP and jackpot lower number in such a casino’s right slot. They must see the potential of games and competitors to cover the market of the casino. All the newbies must stay away from this kind of play.