Worst Performance Of West Indies In Big Event

Worst Performance Of West Indies In Big Event

West Indies has lots of thing to explain in the current series of the world cup 2015. There are a number of people all over the world to be amazed on what happens to the world champions who ruled the world of cricket once upon a time. Players of the team West Indies are known to be aggressive and also they are one of the best players in all formats of cricket, especially in the format of 20-20. But the recent day’s performance of West Indies in the world cup showed that they are not the champions in the 50 over format of the cricket. Their recent defeat with Ireland has showed something else for them which they have to make sure that they are not repeating itself in the rest of the series. It is said that in the group series, they will be victorious and will definitely reach to the stage of knockouts. But the current situation of the team is very poor where most of the batsmen in good form are failing to prove their position better in the event and also the bowling performance of the team is not up to the expected level when seen from the class of the bowlers and the reputation they have in the international cricket. They have to prove their position better in the event and they have to exit out of the event with a honor that they can able to get pass through other teams to the knockouts.

Easy pool and the worst performance

Even though West Indies are once the world champs, they are not performing better in the current days. Even then, they are provided a slot in the easy pool where there are only three big teams of India, Pakistan and South Africa. Even if they are facing defeat with all big teams, many people thought that they can able to win with small teams like UAE, Afghanistan and Ireland. But the shocker for them in this current world cup series is the team Ireland. Even though they are facing the world cup for the second time, their performance are matching with the players who are most experienced in this format. Their come back with team West Indies has marked up a new place for the start up teams in the world cup events and they even deserve a fear in the minds of big teams since they are growing better in every event. If they are going to strike back in this world cup series, then it will be a dream for team west Indies to go to the knockouts. There is no pressure for Ireland in the world cup since they have the legacy of performing whatever they have to do. But it is a must for West Indies to prove themselves better and to make sure that they can able to shine well after sorting out many issues relating to salary. If not, then they have to face a worst time out there in their country and also among the world media.

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