World Tour Finals

World Tour Finals

Posted on May 29, 2024 by in Tennis

A word or two about World Tour Finals

Ever since the withdrawal of Roger Federer from the ATP World Tour Finals, the player and the whole tournament overall got struck by critics from all the journalists and fans of Tennis. They made a ‘joke’ saying that the Tournament this year, instead of being WTF (World Tour Finals), it should be WTE, which stands for Worst Tournament Ever!

From the clumsy start of the tournament, to the injury of Raonic, to the non-existing finish, and let’s not forget the unhappy match afterwards. The round-robin served a continual disappointment for the fans, and the only good match played by the both Swiss internationals, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, was a disappointment for each other, which will most certainly have an effect in their next big happening, the Davis Cup final next week. Novak was the shining star in this tournament, but his glory was found only on one page on the internet, while the speculations why Roger Federer withdrew, is he calculating, how serious the injury is and will he play on the Davis Cup are stories that covered all the front pages and over flood the internet. Let’s give Novak Djokovic a big applause, as it is third year in a row that he manages to claim the ATP World Tour Finals trophy, and keep the No.1 place on the list.

These are some thoughts that can be seen on any tennis online site.

The Tournament overall was uncompetitive.

From the 12 round-robin matches only two went to third set.

From the 26 sets overall on the tournament, 19 finished 6-3 or worse.

Less than half matches finished before the 75 minutes mark, and the audience got only one match permission for their ticket. Ouch.

Despite few Djokovic’s fans who were making noise like every match. All the others were clapping politely and were enjoying what they sow.

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Winers and Losers

Who were winners and who were losers in this tournament? Let’s put aside Novak and Federer, who obviously are relentless, the absolute winner here is Kei Nishikori, where in his first year of ATP World Tour Finals made it to the semifinal and was met by Novak Djokovic, who later on won the tournament. He enjoyed his first win over Murray in four tries. He is No.5 on the list at the end of the season which is 12 places better than last year. Althought this tournament was dominated by the 2 finalists, Kei made his future brighter.

Did David Ferrer give GrigorDImitrov a lesson?

The 32 year old Spaniard Ferrer played only one match in London against Nishikori and lost it, but it was the first match played in three sets. He joined the tournament from the alternatives, replacing the injured Raonic who already lost two matches. He made himself a career and 10 million dollars by playing in every match and every tournament possible this year, which is totally different from Dimitrov who took time out with his girlfriend Sharapova, and refused to be alternate at the WTF.

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