Women’s basketball team in Canada getting ready for the Olympics

Women’s basketball team in Canada getting ready for the Olympics

Basketball is the game which grabs the interest of many people and there are both men and also the women basketball which can be seen all over the world. Both the men and also the woman basketball are said to be highly famous and there are many great players who can be seen in these two different categories of basketball.

There is very important news about the Canada and it is because this Canada gives much importance to the basket ball game and this Canada is having a very great team with them and it is their women’s team. It is also said that this great team in Canada is giving much importance to the upcoming tournament in the basket ball. The news says that it was in this Monday the great Canada team which is the women basketball team game out very strong in the final game and it is said to be the great news for the other teams in basket ball. This is the team which is said to be playing three important games which is against the china in this Saturday and also in Sunday and Monday.

This is said to be the great part of the Edmonton Grads international classic. These people greatly swept in the tournament and in the front of the packed home town which was found to be heavily crowded area. This is found to be in the place of the sports centre which is been named as the Saville community sports centre and the news also says that the game was been won by them at 71 – 59. This team also trains out of the ell known Edmonton and they also stamped a famous ticket to the Rio at the home and this occurred in last year winning the great 2015 FIBA which is said to be the great American championship for the women. The news says that it was the very great tournament which is been said to be highly remarkable for the team of Canada and it went undefeated and in that finals the team is said to be getting the great success in beating the previous Champ Cuba and it is the score of about 82 – 66 and the reports say that this also made them to win the gold medal.

It is also said that playing for the great team which is the team of Canada in front of the friends and also the families is said to be meaningful for the great Edmonton sisters who are twins named as Michelle and also Katherine plouffe. The great men basketball team in the Canada is said to be highly facing failure and it is also said that the great Canada mens basket ball team highly failed to get qualified for the Olympics but the great women’s team easily got qualified for the Olympics for their great skills and practice.

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