Women golf

Women golf

For the last several years, when it comes to Christmas gold, every one of us has been stuffing the famous turkey, has been enjoying the good times surrounded by the people they loved, by the family, in good ambient and holiday spirit, but Charley Hull has been hitting balls on the gold courses and winning prices. Is that what it takes for a person to have to be where all the super gold players are? Will she make it to the top of the lists in the Ladies golf? That is soon to be found out.

Charley Hull did managed to put Rory McIlroy behind her on the headlines as how dedicated she was on the fields, despite the fact that holyday season is on for quite some time now. She hit the 18-year mark in 2015 and when asked in an interview is she going to play another year on the Christmas tournament, she answered through laughter that she is old enough to drink now, she will play golf later. She added that she has been doing this for several years in row and that this year she thinks she is going to have a break and enjoy the full spirit that the holiday has to offer.

Let’s see a list of Charley Hull’s trophies and achievements throughout the years:

Since she was aged nine she managed to win the UK National Ladies’ Tournament or Championship that was held in Turnberry, around 9 years ago.

Her next big step was playing back to back with Morgan Pressel when she was 10 years old in the British Open, managing to give him something to contemplate about.

She has become the No.1 English golfer just at the age of 14, and she enjoyed a victory in the Britain and Ireland Cup when she played in team in 2012, beating Lindy Dycan. He professional debut was made when she had 17 years when she played in Solhem Cup and she won that cup, grabbing the rookie of the year award on the later played LET – Ladies European tour.

Last year she finished at the highest place of the Order of Merit that was played in no other tournament but the European.

She is as good on the pitch as out of it, having a great sense of humor and making the media laugh while they do interview with her. She managed to win Lalla Meryem, in the Marocco Cup in Match, which is her biggest achievement in 2014 and the boost that she needed to be seen by other people and grab the popularity that she owns. She made £208,500 in her second professional year, and believe me, there are more to come as the years pass by.

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