women basketball player

women basketball player

Being just a player is never possible and being a famous player there will be many accused and cases which may be filed and this is the situation for many players in the world. Here is the latest hot update which has mentioned about the great South Korean player and this is the player who belongs to the basketball game. The great basketball
club of the South Korea as announced this case and it is the case which is imposed on a women basketball player.

A star in America

There is a very great star in the women basketball team of America and she is the player who was recently accused of several reasons. Let us see some of the most important reasons for her great case. Some people say that this Lee is the very important basketball player in the country of America and she has made the team to move up to a better stage in many ways. As the fame and the popularity of this particular player increased to a very great extent, the negative side of this player is also increased with several cases. The main case among all case is said to be the forgery done in submitting the documents. This women player has submitted the false birth documents and she played in the women domestic league as a simple overseas Korean.

This became a very serious case and the great South Korean prosecutors said that this is the week which will make the Lee produce the certificates of her father and it is to reveal that the truth whether the Lee has the South Korean parental grandmother or not.

The rules in the Korean indicates that only two members or players from the foreign are to be qualified for the overseas Korean status and it also indicated that having a single Korean parent or even a grandparent is not to be allowed in the quota. This is the normal rule which is followed in the Korean country and this women basketball player is highly aware of this rule. But in spite of that, she indulged in malpractice to play the game and it pushed her to the very deep status.

Statement of Lee

The Great player Lee said that she was highly recommended by the Korean people to get the citizenship and she also announced that Korean basketball association came to her to request her to get the citizenship. She even said that the Korean Olympic committee insisted her to do it and so she helped the Korea team to get qualified for the Olympics which is called as Rio.

This statement was not accepted and many people accused this illegal practice. This case is still going on even after a week and the result is an unexpected one for this case.