Wolf Cub Slot at Betsson Casino!

Wolf Cub Slot at Betsson Casino!

At Betsson Casino, gamers and wolf enthusiasts can now enjoy an exclusive gaming experience. In Betsson Casino, the players now have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the NetEnt Slot Wolf Cub and to go on an adventure trip with a small Wolfs Jung. Many wilds, free spins and hopefully a lot of winnings are available along with the Wolfs jungle.

On five reels with the friends of the Wolfs jungle have a lot of fun

The Wolf Cub Slot is played on a total of five rollers with three rows. 20 profit lines bring many profits at this slot. Together with the friends of the wolf lynx, the lynx, the elk, the bear and the owl, the profit lines can be completed and the profits bubble. In the winter landscape these animals stand by the small wolf. The Wolf Cub Slot also offers great bonus possibilities, free spins and a very special lightning mode, which can make bigger profits possible.

Wilds and Free Spins bring a lot of fun

The Wolf Cub Slot is a lot of fun. Wild symbols can be used to replace symbols on the reels, except the scatter symbols. This increases the profit chances of the players. Finally, the wild symbols can be used to fill the winning lines even better so that winnings with wilds are not even so rare. Even in the Pleasures the Wilds can emerge and provide for even more profits.

Three Scatter symbols in the basic game trigger the free spins, where the players can then watch the little wolf crying at the moon and the scatter reels turn again. For only after this second rotation is it possible to determine how many examples can be played. All numbers displayed after this second rotation of the scatter reels are then added and the result is the number of free spins. Up to 115 free-spins can jump out for the players. And even if it is not so many examples in the end, the Free Spins offer their very special charm. There is also a lot to win during the Free Spins. After the end of the free spins, all winnings obtained during the free spins are credited to the player’s account. And then we go on with the basic game.

Through the snowstorm, players may still have to fight

The Snow Storm mode brings players more profits on the screen. If during the free spins on the first reel three identical symbols are stacked on top of each other, the lightning storm mode is triggered. Already the symbols on the other rollers are displaced in the direction from the first roller and spread on the screen like a snowstorm. The symbol of the first roller is thus placed on all rollers. And that maximizes the profit significantly. This way you can get a real hack in the fast-storm mode.

A lot of fun and also a certain nerve kitzel are no exception at the Wolf Cub Slot. And with the great graphics, the players at this NetEnt slot are also really kidnapped in the world of the Wolfs jungle and experience so great adventures with the little wolf.