Will we see Juventus

Will we see Juventus

Posted on November 17, 2015 by in Football

Will we see Juventus as he truly is next season? Raul Gonzalez ends career

According to “Tutosport” Juventus are very clear, if the club is not in the top 3 at the end of the season or not elections Champions League, Max Allegri will lose his job. He has a contract until 2017 but the director Marot said that the plans of the club must meet and that’s true for everyone. Today, the Turin newspaper claims that Juventus will be a priority Antonio Conte! Italian selector walked away from the club about a year and a half days of practice on the second day of preparations for the new season because he was not satisfied with the transfer campaign. But he is a legend of Juventus and although it is not the best way to grow with the club, it is certain that in the case of offers there is a big chance to come back. To make matters more intriguing, Conte was unhappy because the club can provide him with the only reinforcement asks, Juan Cuadrado who then played for Fiorentina. Now the Colombian Juventus, the team has changed, but is it invested big money. Many believe that the team needed a firm hand, motivator such as Italy coach who will, it is certain, leave the “Azure” at the end of the World Cup. So, Allegri has to stay in the Champions League if he wants to keep the job. He still claims that Juventus will reduce the gap to the leading teams, and the team is already close to the top 16 stage in the Champions League. However, with Konteovom shadow, it will not be easy to do …

Raul Gonzalez

End of career of the legendary Spanish strikers, passed and the course, triumphantly. Team ‘from the Big Apple’ in which he played the legendary Spanish football player, he won the seventh title of champion and second in the last three years. The hero of last night’s victory was the Argentine striker Gaston Seljerino who scored a hat trick in the victory over Ottawa, 3-2. However, all the glory he picked up former Real Madrid striker, who last night played his last game in football career. ” I had an amazing season, three months ago I decided to finish my career and I did it the right way. I’m proud of everything I did, turning over a new life, I’m a little sad, but also happy , “said Raul. Raul has not ruled out the possibility of returning to Real Madrid. ” They called me, I have not yet decided. One thing is certain, I will always cheer for Real Madrid “. The legendary Spanish striker in his illustrious career, played 932 matches for Real, Schalke, Al Sadd and New York Cosmos and scored 388 goals. In the national team of Spain in 102 games, scored 44 goals.

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