Will the master be back?

Will the master be back?

As Tiger Woods returned from injury lately, he has stepped on the landscape as soon as possible, and competed against the same people he dominated before the injury

The question to all the critics out there is; does the former No.1, the 14 times major trophy winner still got the game in his hands? Tiger Woods has not played since last August, and his last tournament was PGA Championship at Valhalla. At that tournament, Woods understood that he is not ready to compete. Having previously been under the knife and underwent a surgery, he realized he was not prepared to compete, and had to give it a rest. At that tournament, his last before the break, at Valhalla, Tiger Woods leg the victory slip to current No.1 Rory Mcllroy, followed by another win for the Northern Irishman at the World Golf Championship in Akron.

The summer was great for Rory, as he won four major trophies since Woods is out. He has a long way to go with 4 overall wins, to catch the recorder Woods, with 15, but Rory is currently sitting in the No.1 and has the momentum and mental advantage to win the race. Tiger Woods has officially announced his latest comeback to his own 18-man tournament at Iseleworth.

With no further contemplations the returning of the Recorder Tiger Woods will change the way this game has been going since he was on a break. He played three 72 holes tournaments in 2014 and acquired 6.57 points. On the other hand Rory Mcllroy has amassed 565 point. Tiger Woods may be back, but with 38 years and soon a birthday it’s hardly to believe that he can turn the whole game in his advantage. That is yet to be seen.

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This year we have witnessed a truly breathtaking career of two golfers, one is, as we mentioned Rory Mcllroy, with No.1 golfer in the rankings next to his name, and the other one would be the 21-year old Australian Open wined Jordan Spieth, who has impressed the public with his outstanding skills. And to be honest Woods doesn’t care so much about it, since his last trophy won is in 2009 before he gave up the first place on the PGA Championships to YE Yang. But maybe it’s not what it seems, as Woods will compete In the Grand Slam at the Masters in April next year, not letting Rory enjoy something that Woods previously did, while the former No.1 can still play.

Tiger and his Olympic skier girlfriend Lindset Vonn both went to rehab at the same time due to injuries.

It is yet to be seen how the Wood’s comeback will be, and I am telling you, it will be a surprise