Will New Jersey Receive

Will New Jersey Receive

Will New Jersey receive the first gambling license for online gambling in their town?

With the New Year, new hopes for the New Jersey community arose as they finally put the question of online gambling at the table of their government meeting. They have been struggling with this question for several years now, but seeing almost every state in America already having this industry up and running and collecting a fortune throughout the year, the decision should have already been made in their minds to start their own firm. The last changes in their neighbor states about the same problem resulted in higher income of the state, so New Jersey decided to put the question on the table and negotiate with their government member in allowing private legal online gambling sites as well as one site run by the government themselves. All they need now is a license from the official American government and the white house.

There were two different opinions in regarding this issue that caused this topic to be prolonged for discussion throughout the years. One side people think that this is a good way to pay the community workers and fill up the debt gaps in the state, which is understandable and plus one big income for the state, while other people think this is odd way to collect money from people. They fear about the people’s healthand the addiction that the site will create in people’s lives. They state that the life of one person is more important than small income to New Jersey’s budget, and that they have enough money from tourism already. They agree that they can adjust their budged for many other areas that already needed coverage, but this is a strange and not human way of collecting money.

The response from the people who are pro against opening an online gambling site for the last several year is that there already are people who are gambling in New Jersey, and that the money that these people give annually could have already went to their budget and used in something within their region, and now those money are sent and collected by private sites around the world and other states in America.

With this discussion the topic is put on table to be further negotiated and a final decision is expected to come out in few days. Will we see a new gambling site, or will the people who are against it win another round?

The white house is of course following this discussion and until a final decision hasn’t been made, they can’t open a license talks with the New Jersey’s government.

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