Wildhound Derby Casino Game Review

Wildhound Derby Casino Game Review

Wildhound Derby Game which is the product of the Play n Go and set to release in January, 2020. This game is got licensed from the authority and all the bookies with the gamblers are waiting for it. Read Wildhound Derby for getting the descriptive detail of the RTP, symbols, multipliers, free spins and about the symbols which included in the slot. Here is the detail of all the main features of the slot of the Wildhound Derby.

Strength of the Wildhound Derby Casino Slot

Having well designed and attractive game is ready to impress the players in the market of the casino in the entire world. The Casino Slot consisted of the 5by4 reels and the 40 pay-lines which can be used in every round of the game. The maximum payout from the Wildhound Derby Casino Game is up to the 15,000x which is almost equal to the $500000. Wildhound is high volatile game because of high rate of the RTP in it (96.93%). The free spins, scatters and the other features in the slot make the game very interesting for the gamblers.

Wildhound Wild Casino game is in the list of the upcoming game which has the betting range from only $0.20 to the maximum of $100. There is not any option of the Progressive Jackpot but the high payout and high RTP make the game very attractive. Wildhound Casino Slot can be played and download by the mobile phone anywhere in the entire world.

How Options Work in the Wildhound Derby Casino Slot?

Having many features in the slot of the Wildhound Derby, the option of the Wild symbol has a huge influence rather than the other options. This symbol can use all the time as an alternate to catch the maximum win by the slot. But experts of the casino and bookies also argued that the casino player who has long pre work before this game can get lot of prize in the form of high payout.

The other enormous option in the slot is the presence of the puppies. These puppies will show on the reel number 5. But if all the puppies remained present on the reel all the time then no one can stop you to get freer spin from the slot. As every gambler knew that the free spins always gave free bonuses and the multipliers also. But this will happen after triggering the reel of the slot.

The Wildhound Derby game revolved around the race of the dog also. From all the 4 dogs, the gambler has to select the one from all ones for the race in the slot. But the best one dog will be on the 5th reel. This wild dog started to run to the left of the slot screen in each round. Where, a Hare of Golden color will be waiting there. When the selected dog reached to the end of the left side then all the free spins which allotted by the will

In the final round of the Wildhound Derby Casino Online game, if the representative dog covered the distance to the end of the left side then the multiplier will wait for you up to the 15x.This multiplier leads to release more and more free rounds for the gambler of the Wildhound Derby Game.

Theme of the Wildhound Derby Casino Game

The theme of the Wildhound showed that the race of the dog is not a big headache for the gambler as they did this kind of work before it many time. So, there is not a unique feature in the slot of the Wildhound Derby Casino Game. The symbols and the Race of Dog are same in many ways because of having correlation with one another. Whereas the some different option also present in the slot like the Royals, ribbons, Trophies and the wilds but these kinds of images will not be a problem for the users. 


If we see all the option and the features present in the Wildhound Derby Casino Game very carefully, then the player of the casino would get easily his target of the payout as it also very high with the inclusion of the RTP.