Wilderland Casino Game Review

Wilderland Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Wilderland Casino Game Review

Wilderland Casino Game launched by the NetEnt to release in March 2020. The opinion of the experts of casinos did not in favor of the slot in the era of the high profile games in the 21st century. The review of the game will help know the behavior of the symbols and the betting range with the payout also. Furthermore, the reels, line, multipliers, free spins, bonus, a method to play Wilderland and stacks are also the parts of our content. The theme of the slot with the beautiful graphics will be enough to catch the gamblers of the casino from all over the world.

The smartphone users of casino games can get the opportunity to play online the game of Wilderland by downloading the required software and application.


The slot of Wilderland discovered for the entire player like the newbies and the experienced also. The makers of the game added 5 reels in the with the 20 lines of pay to produce just 240 which is too worry for the player in front of the high payout casino games in the market. The value of RTP (96.16%) gave some hope but the payout would be a huge problem for wagers. On the other hand, the scatters symbols, free spins, and Wilds also in the side of the player but they may not change the mind to sit on the Wilderland casino game seat.

Betting Range and Payout

Like the other game, the minimum betting option for the new play is $0.20 to spin the slot but the high range of bet fixed with the amount of the $1000 which showed that mega players of gambling also took advantage of it to use $50 only spins. While the payout is up to the 240x but with the addition of a 2x multiplier, users can get more. By applying all the required techniques, wagers can win up to the $240,000 on only spins. But, the predictor of the casino game gave bad comments after releasing it. It could not gather the handsome players for it as online or offline also.

How to Play

In the entire slot, the wild regular symbols can be shown anywhere which is best to make the pairs and the combinations for winning prizes. The wild symbol in the form of the W logo is very good for getting heavy cash from the developer of the game. The wild symbol gave the first edge for all the combinations as it kicks off the other symbols on the reels at the right place.

Forest Treasure bonus can get from 2 wilds symbols from all the symbols if they all on each other in the middle of the row to come on the Activation Zone.

The next step for the player is to convert the triggering wilds into the Walking from 1 out of 4. Some of the expanding wilds would be shown, scatter walking wilds, 2x multipliers, and regular symbols.  The Walking wilds symbols could befall on the 1st reel, and then you have the option to right back on the 5th for a little time just.

The free spin option can get, if the wilds landed on the reel for 3 times, on the other side, 5th reel has the strength to cover the wilds to release the wilds multiplier for triggering the scatter 5 times in the Zone of Activation.


The theme of the Wilderland casino game makes to show the scenes of the forest with different features and symbols in it. The screen of the game also created a sense of the jungle to inspire the gamblers. Fairies box, W logos, rings, pendants, fox and symbols on the reels in the shape of the fairies showed a charming scene there.


All the functions, options, keys, reels, line and RTP also well settled from the NetEnt but the amount of the Payout is the only cause to face the problem in the casino stations and online betting also. Because most of the players like to play highly volatile games rather than the lower.

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