Wild Harlequin Slot Review

Wild Harlequin Slot Review

Quickspin is ready to release the latest game of Wild Harlequin for the users. All the major features have been added to the slot machine. Classic character is the main feature of the game. I am here to introduce all the elements in the slot machine. The multiplier, free spins, betting range and payouts, wilds and scatter symbols, and other jackpots are waiting for the players.

Reels & Paylines

There are five reels, and we do have not any option of progressive jackpots. In the exclusion of Megaways, the chances to win the slot increase. The major wilds symbols of Harlequin Wilds are enough to post maximum free spins and multipliers for the viewers.

Betting range and payout

The betting pairs always adopted too much importance. It is the amount that attracted the gamblers towards the slot. The minimum coins are required to post $0.20 to the maximum of $10. It means that all the players can enjoy the best slot in the casino. The Return to Player is yet to announce for the viewers. But, we are expecting too much payout at the end of the play.


We know that there are five reels in the slot machine to make the top combinations. If you succeed to fall the exact lines on the reels, then no one can stop you from winning the jackpot. All the experienced players did not impress due to not having any progressive jackpot and mega ways. But, the other hidden options increased the hopes for the viewers. If you are lower than eighteen, then you have to stay away from the casino slot machine.

The Quick spin need to know the demand for modern updates. All the competitions try to improve the features because they know that the player can take a risk to earn maximum. The options of free spins, multipliers, jackpots and five reels are not much to face the market. We hope that the makers will think about it.


We failed to find any new options in the theme. It is of an old-time theme. Modern users will not attract to it. Harlequin is only one of the decent symbols from all the clothes. We can use it to expand the wild options. All these symbols and arrange in the form of premium ones. No doubt, gemstones and the other four lower payouts did not impact the players. But, the older player said that it is an excellent slot for us.


The slot is going to release on 12th October 2021 for all the users in the world. All the important features are updated due to the demand of users in the entire world. The additional multipliers, free spins and jackpot will impress the viewers in the world. Unfortunately, we do not have any option of progressive jackpots and mega ways.