Wild Hammer Megaways Slot Review

Wild Hammer Megaways Slot Review

Thor and Mjolnir, Nordic god and trusty magic hammer, this combo has served engineers well for quite a while now. A new casino game which discusses the legends of the Viking deities is certainly not a bad idea however, especially when you are looking at a slot like Wild Hammer Megaways. With another engine which has been immensely well known lately, this game offers large rewards and a range of features that iSoftBet has included inside.

Wild Hammer Megaways delivers on its 6 reels and a maximum of 200,704 Megaways.

Betting and Prizes

Your bets begins from judt $0.20, in a game which has just 20 coins being used, despite the fact that it can deliver a huge number of potential mixes. Take the coin value up in the event that you need to and at most you could be spending $20 per spin.

Wild Hammer Megaways Slot Features

A Megaways slot machine can have a smaller or higher number of reels but what it commonly offers is a huge number of Megaways. That is just in the most ideal situation, since for every individual reel, the number of images can change. In Wild Hammer Megaways, you can go somewhere in the range of 2 and 7 images on each reel. Furthermore, a horizontal reel is set at the top of the center columns (2-5) and the images appearing there are additionally essential for new wins.

At the point when new mixes form, a Cascading Reels technician will follows. The images which are in it will be crushed and another set of images will replace them. On the off chance that this prompts new wins forming, the Cascades continues until that isn’t the case anymore.

Theme and Design

Perhaps the most popular themes that you will discover in a slot machine, based on the quantity of such games that are released, the Viking legends will always revolve around the same few deities. Thor is the star in this one also alongside Mjolnir, his hammer. Add pictures of Loki, Freya or a war canine to get the full picture. You will find a lot of less engaging symbols also, pictures of Royals set on the sides of wooden shields.


Wild Hammer Megaways slot is decent game that talks about legends.