Why online gamblers should be interested in the volatility of the bitcoin

Why online gamblers should be interested in the volatility of the bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first electronic money that has won the world of online casinos. Now considered the most important, it has enjoyed very interesting growth (especially for those who have chosen to invest) in recent months.

One of the major problems of Bitcoin is that of volatility. This poses two potential problems that we will detail.

Can the bitcoin collapse?

The first problem concerns volatility but in case of high bass, or even fall. Compared to a few years ago, the bitcoin is now much safer. At first, many thought that value could collapse, to the point of being worth only a few cents. The reality is that markets, governments, etc., are increasingly confident about bitcoin.

As with any currency, it is the trust placed in it that makes its strength. Exactly like the confidence we have in a piece of pink paper that is worth 500 €.

Currently, the bitcoin is worth about $2,850 per unit, knowing it was about $900 early in the year. The progress of the bitcoin in 2017 shows the growing confidence in this currency. If we take into account this evolution and the forecasts of most analysts, we can be confident about the bitcoin.

Of course it can go down but it would take a real cataclysm so that it collapses and no longer has any value.

How much is it?

Another “problem” can arise in case of a sharp rise. The problem is not to get rich of course and any possessor of bitcoin can only appreciate a rise in price. As for the players, however, it is essential to monitor closely the evolution of the value of the bitcoin. Because from one week to another, the amount of your spins in bitcoin can drastically change.

This can create uncertainties as to what you are actually betting. If the course explodes in a few days and you are not aware of it, you risk putting yourself very much on a slot machine, believing that your actual stake is much lower. It is therefore essential that those who bet via bitcoin know the exact value at time T.