Why Do You Always Lose at Online Slots?

Why Do You Always Lose at Online Slots?

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Why Do You Always Lose at Online Slots?

Why do you always lose at online slots? Click here as we discover common mistakes virtual slot players make.

Why Do You Always Lose at Online Slots? Pay Attention to These Details

It was just an ordinary day, like any other. Danny and Rusty are colleagues and soon-to-be good friends, so they decided to share a lunch break. The two started casually chatting, sharing their hobbies and passions. Danny wondered why Rusty looked so down after each break.

Rusty opened up to him and admitted he likes to play slots on his mobile phone. However, he struggled to find a way to win money, so he kept losing. No matter what he did, his bankroll was always in the red. Danny felt awkward but decided to ask his colleague anyway: “Why do you always lose at online slots?”.

They both stood there in silence. Danny admitted he found Rusty’s hobby intriguing, though he had some experience with football betting. But, since he has no knowledge about gambling, he wouldn’t want to be in the same situation as Rusty and lose all his money. So, they decided to use the rest of the break searching for an answer. Here’s what they’ve discovered.

Choosing the Right Online Casino

Though most online casinos look alike, there are some crucial differences. Casual gamblers typically make the same mistakes. They fail to see through the flashy and glamorous surface. It’s only natural, considering the lack of experience. The same story happened with Rusty. His online casino wasn’t licensed.

Regulation protects players in many ways. First of all, a regulated casino must pass rigorous checks, which guarantees a high level of players’ safety. Furthermore, having a license means the operator has no influence on the outcome of its games. As such, players can be sure that all outcomes on their slot machines are indeed random.

This is the recipe all gamblers can use. Regardless of whether you love casino or sportsbook betting, you should always look for the best venues online.

Pay Attention to the Game Provider

Most players are already aware of it, but it still has to be mentioned that online casinos don’t develop games. Virtual venues behave more like hosts to casino features. Providers are casino software developing companies that make sure players are entertained. Nevertheless, not all providers are the same.

Eminent game devs produce top-notch slot games. Thus, players can enjoy crisp graphics and engaging sound. But this aspect is just the tip of the iceberg. More importantly, renowned software developing companies develop fair and tested games. That said, choosing the slot machine designed by well-known provider guarantees the following:

  • Tested games,
  • Certified features,
  • Random outcomes,
  • You won’t always lose at online slots.

Some of the most recognized casino game engineers are:

  • Playson,
  • Betsoft,
  • Microgaming,
  • Evolution,
  • Pragmatic Play.
  • IGT,
  • iSoftBet,
  • Yggdrasil and many more.

Slot Variance

While researching more about slot games, Rusty and Danny were stunned by the fact how little they knew about slot variance. Slot machines come in different types and colors. Moreover, these games differ in terms of their inner mechanism. That said, we can distinguish three main types of slot games:

  • High-volatility slots,
  • Medium-volatility slots,
  • Low-volatility slots.

While researching, Rusty realized he was playing a high-volatility slot the whole time. As a result, he had very few wins. However, the potential reward was insane. The game’s jackpot was measured in millions, in fact.

If he opted for the low-volatility slot, Rusty could count on a higher number of wins. That said, most of his winnings would be low in value. Low-volatility games allow you to score more wins, but the price is significantly reduced.

Since Rusty enjoys a dose of risk, he found a perfect solution. He opted for a medium-volatility slot that allows a more balanced risk/prize ratio.

Ignoring Casino Bonuses

Remember how Danny asked Rusty at the beginning of the story, “Why do you always lose at online slots?” Well, “ignoring the bonuses” could have been a simple answer. Online casinos always offer players incentives they can leverage. Such offers consist of cash rewards and free spins.

Still, Rusty was too lazy or ignorant to read the terms and conditions. As a result, he knew little about the perks he could have used. One of the best things about virtual venues is the fact they offer so much to new and loyal punters alike.

Let’s put it this way; Rusty has been playing at the same casino for six months now. So far, he could have used some of the many benefits like:

  • Welcome bonus after signing up,
  • Free spins (to risk the casino’s money instead of his),
  • Cashbacks (to recover his bankroll after receiving a percentage of his lost money)
  • Loyalties (collect points while enjoying his slot game and exchange them for real cash later).

Casinos are there to make a profit. That’s a fact. Still, virtual casinos take such calculated risks for a good reason. Gambling promotions exist to attract and retain players on the platform. Thus, they represent a valuable economic engine for all casinos, be they virtual or land-based.

On the other hand, players like Rusty can use them to boost their bankrolls and increase their chances of winning more at a casino. The math here is straightforward; the more you have on your account, the larger are your chances of walking out with more money.

Failing to Do Proper Research

Rusty opened up to Danny throughout the conversation and admitted he never checked the casino before joining. He bumped upon an advertisement that enticed him to try the best online casino in the world. However, he never studied the platform.

Soon he realized he had tons of available resources like onlinecasinobuddy.com. Such websites contain all the information about the world of internet gambling. Now that he knows more about gambling, Rusty can use such sources to check the casino and learn more about each slot game. In addition, he found a plethora of strategies that can help him manage his bankroll and choose a suitable slot machine.

Final Thoughts

We never know what really happened after Danny and Rusty’s lunch break talk. The word on the street is that Rusty has never heard anyone ask him: “Why do you always lose at online slots” again. In the end, it doesn’t matter if this story is made up or not.


Follow these instructions, and you’ll stop worrying about your losses. If you wish to win more while playing slots, make sure to pick licensed and regulated casinos. Pay attention to the game’s volatility and select your slot machine according to your style and gameplay. Don’t be afraid of bonuses; use the casino’s money instead of yours. Finally, always use different resources to research games and operators.



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