When football was a passion

When football was a passion, meet “Sandokan”!

The essence of football, without a romanticized biography, huge money is required to be a role model for young people. For people like Sandokan did not have role models and did not want to be idols, bloody earned every peseta? Who Sandokan? In Spain you would watch in amazement, I think this football player known beyond the Pyrenees, you will all remember his most important “role” when it is slid in the post until the Maradona goal gave Real Madrid in “El Clasico”. “I ran like a soulless to prevent the worst, that I He broke his leg as the butcher Goikočea, everyone would know for me, ” says Juan Jose Jimenez Kolar, or “Sandokan”, as it was called by the popular TV series.

He played for Real but is remembered in its Andalusia, more specifically Cadiz as legend. When he went to the “Royal Club”, looked for him and Barcelona. From the players to whom they snatched giants, was welcomed by his Real few years later tells you that there is no place for him. They reacted supporters Cadiz, were gathering money to return the pet the club succeeded. He played the last six years in Cadiz, introduced them a penalty in Example early nineties, and walked into a legend. “There is no better way to go, I could not anymore,” said Juan Jose, who later worked in the shipyard, as well as restaurant manager at former teammate Pepe Meijasa. “Nothing strange, not like today, we make millions , “he explains,” Sandokan “who had narrowly escaped death by working at the plant in Cadiz. A few minutes after leaving the workplace over the roof, killed one of his colleagues with whom he associated. This colorful character played four matches for the national team, is not lost, but is against Malta, after the match decided with three colleagues shows bare bottom of the bus pass by. He saw them then president of the covenant, and “Sandokan” career “Red Fury” quickly ended. He was not invited to the final tournament of the European Championship in 1984, when the Spaniards reached the final. After the end of his career he also had problems with the law, in 1993 he was arrested for selling cocaine, but then learned my lesson. I learned a lesson, worked various jobs Real him named for one of the former players in charge of contacts with supporters, later “Sandokan” because of back problems went to a disability pension. Otherwise, it was so popular that he was charged once before the match was in the pub all night. It turned out that it was his double who introduced himself as “Sandokan” to free drinking. The Spanish version of the popular series “Café” Cheers “, the owner is presented as a popular footballer who failed because too much like alcohol. Many believe that “Sandokan” taken as a profile of the main character, which the producers deny. “Sandokan” is now far away from football, but he remained a hero in his Cadiz for which he played a total of 10 seasons and more than 270 matches. He made only 2 goals in his career and this season 1982 before joining Real.