Wheelchair tennis action recently

Wheelchair tennis action recently

In the World Cup in May for wheelchair tennis, the U.S.A. will have one more boy that can lift them to the point that they have never been before. The newcomer in the sport, with a lot of potential, Conner Stroud, is going on his way to the stars.

The 14-year-old boy is born without hips ankles and knees, a birth defect called PFFD. Although he may not be typical athlete, he is going towards the stars with his pace of progressing. Don’t hesitate, sport bet online at this boy if you want to be rich.

He has the support of his family, as moral support as well as professional. His father Dewey competed in a college and is a coach at the Forest City Clun, NC. His mother is a tennis coach as well, and let’s add that Cornel’s sister is a college tennis player. So it’s not surprising that he has the hand-eye coordination that any tennis player needs to be good in his sport.

As Conner’s school had a tennis team that his mother was running, as she said, he was one of the best players in the school, despite his disability. But as the years were going by the other kids started having more speed in their game, and became faster than him, which resulted of him hardly ever winning a match. He was against the wheelchair tennis, but eventually agreed to try the possibility. He ended up being good, and as Karin Korb, the wheelchair clinic owner said, we are on our way to have the next world No.1.

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