What are jackpot games?

What are jackpot games?

Posted on July 15, 2024 by in Gambling
What are jackpot games

Jackpot games are casino games that offer the player an opportunity to win loads of money, sometimes over six figures. The cold hard cash associated with these games make them so popular and sought after. Jackpot games of all types use generators that kink out random numbers to ensure fair play, so that the game cannot be manipulated. Now with casino games being transferred online, players can bet from the comfort of their homes through their phones or laptops. Things like Online Slot machines, Poker, Jackpot games in India allow interested players to discover the safest and best games to bet and earn big.

Now with online casinos offering exciting games, making big money with small bets from the comfort of your home, especially for large sums through Jackpot slots are just a click away. Curious? Our short guide to what Jackpot games are all about is sure to get you started on some big wins soon enough.

Types of Jackpot Games online:

There are 4 major types of jackpots one will come across in their online game time. Each type differs in the amount and frequency of pay-out. The 4 types are:

1)  Local Jackpots:

These jackpots are restricted to players playing at that particular casino, even if the game exists in multiple casinos. Thus, bets are formed of and restricted to the casino in which you are playing. Thus, while there is a higher propensity for a player to win in a local jackpot owing to fewer competitors to beat, keep in mind that fewer players also imply fewer bets, and hence smaller earnings.

2)  Network Jackpots:

If Jackpot games exist within a spectrum of the number of players connected, Local Jackpots and Network jackpots would be the 2 extremes. Essentially Network Jackpots connect all players across every casino that the game is being played at, implying a robust group of players with high stakes betting and large winnings. This also means that winning is more difficult and rare.

3)  Fixed Jackpots:

As the name implies fixed jackpots prevent variation, either progression or regression, in the cash prize to be won. There is a fixed amount of cash that the winning player can take home, irrespective of the number and kind of bets other players have placed. While the winnings are potentially not that large, these games are more sure shot and safer in their outcomes than progressive jackpots.

4)  Progressive Jackpots:

This type of jackpot is one that grows in its pay-out every time a player in any casino or any linked slot bets on the game. Essentially, over the course of time that the jackpot grows, every time a player bets on it, some amount of his bet is added to the jackpot. Moreover, since these jackpots are so popular and intense, more players tend to bet on these, amounting to even higher sums for the final pay-out. These jackpots tend to grow over several months, to encompass morbidly obese sums of money, sometimes amounting to several million dollars, that can potentially be won and change the player’s life. The downside though, is that these jackpots are rarely won, except once in several months, because players hit when it is likely to blow, and it does not.

Mathematics behind Jackpots:

The essential probabilities behind jackpots at online casinos is painfully simple, and is proportional to the quotient of the outcome obtained by dividing the number of winning combinations possible, by the net possible combinations. While it is not possible to manipulate mechanics or Mathematics, winning hacks for Jackpot games can always be applied.

Strategies to win Jackpots:

  • Set yourself a limit: Always restrict the amount you want to bet, based on what you have available. Gambling addiction might make you invest more than you can, which will land you into trouble pretty soon.
  • Keep yourself updated: We cannot stress enough how important knowing about the games you play is. Each jackpot varies based on when it bursts for pay out, and so hitting at the wrong time implies a loss you do not want.
  • Bonuses count: Several online casinos make room for bonus spins, offers to increase your chances, rewards etc. to retain their players. Keep an eye out for these things.

Winning a Jackpot:

As rare as winning is, once your planets have aligned, it’s time to prepare for what to expect especially with regards to safety. Firstly, it takes time for the online casino to verify the legitimacy of your winning. Once that is done, the casino will contact you to congratulate you and hopefully get some publicity from your side. They will also hope to discuss how the money is transferred to you. For most major pay-outs, winning players will receive their money over the course of a few months or even years, as casinos have an upper limit the amount of pay-out each month. The frequency and overall time taken to receive the money can always be bargained, as you prepare to live a life of luxury with your prized big bucks.

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