West Indies vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 Betting Review

West Indies vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 Betting Review

Now, most of the teams have started to visit other nations after the pandemic disease in the world. So, it is the first time that the Lankan side is going to West Indies for short game series. If we say that the West Indies side is one of the best sides in the world in 20 overs format, it would not be a bad argument. We have seen that some prominent players in the squad may change the game at any time of day. Before finalizing the result of the game, we cannot forget to leave the detail of the teams for viewers.


The team who is the defending champion of the T20 World cup 2021 has consisted of some blast player. In the last some months, they left good results in it. If the team management added the significant players in the team like Pollard, Russel, Brathwaite, and Gayle, then I hope that the guest will remain in trouble. On the other hand, Sunil Narine and the company are ready to overcome the Sri Lankan batsman. So, it has a balanced side in only 20 over a game of cricket.

Now, the time is to discuss, the guest performance in the last games. Sri Lankans team has posted a lot of victories on the board before the disease. Mendis, Chandimal, and Mathew would be the star players in the teams to do something better than in the past. On the other hand, the bowling depart is also full of energy in the spin and fast sector. All the new boys are ready to perform at outstation. So, let’s see what is going to happen in crucial games of the short format. The top order will have to play a vital role to win any game.

Betting Odds & Tips

Have you checked the profile of players before placing a bet? If you did not do it, then do not waste time on the betting amount. You need to check the result in the Antigua cricket ground of West Indies, the hosts have more advantage to win the match rather than the Sri Lankan side. If the top batsman of West Indies remained in the crease for 6 overs, then no one can stop him to carry the day.

Who Will Win?

Everyone has their mind to announce the winner of the day, but head-to-head results and the ground outcome is favoring the West Indies on the 3rd March 2021. So, West Indies has more chance to win the match instead of Sri Lanka.