West Ham United vs Manchester United Betting Review – EPL – 19th September

West Ham United vs Manchester United Betting Review – EPL – 19th September

West Ham United and Machester United will fight against each other on 15th September to get more points. The betting preview for the two sides consists of all the major elements. After reading the content, I know you will be able to predict the best side of the day. It would help if you compared the facts and figures with the other spots. Head to head, prediction, betting odds & tips, and final lineups are the major inputs to pick the best side.

Latest Performance

I took the information from the last six games. West Ham United took part in 6 games and remained undefeated in 4. The remaining two games did not take any side. If we talk about the other side, then Man United remained undefeated in 3 games and lost in one. However, the other two games went into the draw.

Head to Head

Both sides had met with each other in March 2021. At the same time, Man United remained undefeated by 1-0 goals. It showed the clear difference between the two sides.


According to the latest news and updates, West Ham United has a 27% chance to win. If we see the latest prediction of Man United, then its side picked 47% chances to win the game. The other 26% chances did not favor anyone from the total percentage.


It is essential to discuss the performance at home and away from it. West Ham United took part in 2 games and remained good in one game. The other one did not release any result. They scored six goals and conceded three also. Michail posted four goals in the last two games.

Man United also picked the same result as West Ham United. Bruno posted three goals to achieve the target at the required time.


Both the sides did not announce any final playing XI. they would like to do it before the start of the game. One thing to consider is that no one would like to exclude the star player from the team.

Betting Odds

I have checked the latest betting results from different kinds of official sources. West Ham United picked a 5/2 betting price versus the 19/20 for Manchester United. The draw chances picked 27/10 betting amount. We took these figures from past profiles.


After reading all the above information, it is not a big deal to announce the winner. According to my knowledge and experience, Man United has a lot of chances to win the game. Their side showed tremendous performance in the last two games. In football, all the players need to perform at a crucial time. If you have any issues, then you may change your mind at any time.