Warriors cannot repeat some of the things they already did

Warriors cannot repeat some of the things they already did

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The Kerr continue for many things, obviously, including a key fact: they have not lost two games all season. That no longer works (need two wins in a row at some point to retrieve this victory), but it helps. In fact, the Warriors do not link from the last playoff defeats: against the Grizzlies and the Final against the Cavs, they were 1-2 behind after losing two consecutive games . In both cases, the next three and the respective series (4-2) were carried. And in both cases they faced the fourth clash at home and the risk of being 1-3 down. A more delicate situation since after they handle now, if not longer surprise in the second game…

Oakland may think that the first game of the final of the West was an accident, a warning or simply a loss to a powerful team and in a series that promises plenty of equality and in which is virtually everything for writing yet. But should measure some statistics that expose their malpractice against an opponent who has shown not going to happen again and that will take advantage of any weakness to teach them the Billy Donovan lead now won four straight against Spurs and Warriors three home.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook added up 17/51 in shots (10/30 and 7/21) . A priori a discreet party in percentages of the two stars rival should always be used by the Warriors. It was not because the other values of these Thunder (defense, physical, rebound attack, minimizing errors) surfaced in the final minutes. There is a very curious fact: with Durant and Westbrook below the 33.3% shooting in the same game, OKC is 1-12 Regular Season … but 2-0 in the playoffs.

Stephen Curry lost 7 balls , a sign of sloppiness offensive that detracted to Kerr in the second half, too trusting to big plays and leaving aside the collective execution that usually make them truly unstoppable. Curry doubled its average loss of Regular Season: 3.3. His butt was 9 and was another defeat: the first at home all season, against Boston Celtics.

-The Rating offensive of the Warrior in the fourth quarter stood at 84.1. An aberration: 111.7 average in playoffs, 112.5 in Regular Season. Draymond Green acknowledged that defended well but attacked evil, Curry said he had tried to accelerate their moves too much … Out came the fourth worst team in the 2016 playoffs: 14 points (the lowest mark was formerly 22). Shooting: 6/23 and 1/10 in triples. A disaster against an opponent who has become playoffs: being the worst team in the NBA finals Regular Season matched only behind the Sixers happened to sign, for now, 5-2 dueling for coming the last five minutes with the score advantage five points or less.