Warlords Crystals of Power

Warlords Crystals of Power

Rarely, a new game machine, especially of NetEnt, is so martial in the name, but Warlords Crystals of Power undoubtedly immediately thinks of killer gangs in Africa. There, as is well known, deep in the jungle the precious stones are broken from the earth by modern slaves and subjugated by a changing soldierka, for which such blood diamonds have a similar meaning as the crystals in the new NetEnt slot. Can you do business with these warlords on the reels or is this rather a casino crisis?

A bombastic presentation

In 2016 NetEnt has already some visually and especially acoustically impressive masterpieces of online casinos published, we think here at the new Moto head slot or the game to Guns N Roses last spring. And Warlords Crystals of Power looks really good, is lovingly drawn down to the last detail, and it is also in the ears. The overview, important for playing on the mobile phone, is by no means impaired. The game machine is neither overloaded nor the labels are too small and the like.

NetEnt times again in the risk very flexible

We do not know exactly whether Net Entertainment has invented the splitting of coins and their accumulated use, but this manufacturer always guarantees a wide range of bets. Some may disrupt this, but the chances are not to be despised, of course, since it can vary very well and easily. For example, the coin values ​​at Warlords Crystals of Power start at 1 cent and range up to 1 Euro, up to 10 coins can be selected. This results in a maximum of 150 Euro for a roll rotation, good for high rollers and occasional spur for all others.

What are the Warlords Crystals of Power?

You have to ask if the title of the slot is so and in the payout table you will find all the important information. There are three symbols, which are obviously the leaders of the war-tongues, which fill the whole roll, and all kinds of fables from fables are present as well as creepy in laws. But well, really bold it is with the overlay Wild, which is available in three versions, as well as the examples. Involved are hammer, sword or crossbow and there are bonuses in the form of extra game, multiplier and additional free spins.

If the different scatters appear at the same time, the battle will end, and then a symbol or the algorithm will be executed and corresponding bonuses will be distributed. What is missing is the explanation why it is called Warlords Crystals of Power! The colored stones are found only in the wild symbol, but why and how and if so: How many? – This is unfortunately not so well resolved in detail.