VIP in the EnergyCasino cleans correctly!

VIP in the EnergyCasino cleans correctly!

The New Year is just beginning. The first month has not yet passed, but the EnergyCasino has already been a big surprise for a VIP player from Hungary. Because this lucky fan could pick up a great profit in the casino and now has lots of game credits or money for other things of life. And by the way, the Hungarian is also the first high roller winner this year in the EnergyCasino.

Whole game series

The fortune from Hungary has promoted itself with a real series to a great profit. For if he had only sticked to a slot, he would not have dusted the big profit. In the days from January 3 to 9, he played various games, including the most popular slots Aloha: Cluster Pays ™, Jimi Hendrix ™ Online Slot, Ariana and Go Bananas ™. And surely there were already some winnings on these slots, which were a pleasure for the Hungarian VIP players. The real big luck came however only, when the VIP in the EnergyCasino at the King of Slots ™ tried. The Hungarian was determined by the slot and could finally leave the slot with a big reward. For the total of the VIP- lucky one on the King of Slots ™ was literally 101,309 euros. The VIP player certainly was hugely pleased with the prize money. When do you get so much money at only one slot?

Playing a variety of games often leads to the big you

The lucky one has proved with the varied play also something, what one knows in the EnergyCasino longer. Because often such big profits are achieved when one plays through many slots and then catches one, for which fortune sticks. The Hungarian had the luck to stick to the King of Slots ™, but for every player this can be any slot that brings the big win. And the VIP player has shown something else. After all, he made the big profit not only with a small bet of ten cents. He has just set a lot, which in the end has paid off for him. In the EnergyCasino it is also known that they are often high stakes, which lead to the huge profits. This is all the more pleasing to the lucky fan, which has now been properly rewarded.

Any player can win

Certainly, it is not so easy to get up to a VIP player and play the big bets. The EnergyCasino also knows this, but also made clear in the prize announcement that, of course, every player can win in the EnergyCasino. You do not have to be VIP players and bet big sums. Even small bets of a few cents or a few euro can lead to huge profits, even to millions of wins. Finally, there are jackpot slots in the EnergyCasino. And a big nerve Tickle and a lot of fun you get at every game with every pitch.