Sportster ltd. has finally produced a great news for our Vikingheim.
We have 4 Gods: Thor, Odin, Freya & Loky. Three of these, already had shown what they have in their arsenal but not the tricky Loky.
Today we can open a curtain WHAT exactly Loky prepared for exchange.
We speculatively kept this exchange in secret and it took a long time for choosing the options.
We believe in the loyalty of our players, we are always welcome to new ideas and we can afford big winnings.

So just take a look at these:

50 000 Viking Coins will bring lucky player latest model of iPhone or Samsung (here we give a chance to choose and negotiate with a God Loky)
250 000 Viking Coins can be exchanged for Canary Islands VIP trip for two! 🙂
500 000 Viking Coins will bring the best you can just imagine! – New Car straight from the saloon!
Small hint: B-class is waiting for its Winner 🙂

Don’t believe us? But it’s true and absolutely possible for those who will start earning just from this moment.

Stay tuned & be 100% sure that soon we’ll please you all with new more fantastic news and options for winnings!