Viking Reign Slot Review

Viking Reign Slot Review

Viking Reign slot has all the functions and features which were expected by the gamblers of the casino. The review of the Viking Reign slot will produce all the relevant information about the reels, pay-lines, betting range, payout, and rewards. You will aware of the playing method after reading the description of the slot. It has a Viking theme and maximum rewards. On the other hand, the volatility and RTP favored the gambler. I am very happy to see all the symbols after a long time. The newbies must know the importance of the game.

Viking Reign Slot can use as online in all the nations. You have to install the required software and application to play it at home. Smartphone and PC are the best options to use Viking Reign Online. Online betting is the best way to pick rewards by staying at home. Here are the functions of the slot.

Functions in the Slot

There are only five reels as usual in the past game but thirty lines increased the area of the slot for gamblers. On the other hand, more than 1000x the stacks among the hidden prizes for players. The amount of RTP that is 96% and free spins put more coins to the side of gamblers. The role of wilds and scatters in the middle cannot ignore always because these will release ten multipliers. Here is the range of betting to unlock all the functions and features.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting for Viking Reign did not see in the past because of the difference in the number of pairs. In the slot of the Viking Reign started from $1.20 and a maximum of $48. It is amazing to use these combos to cover all the lines of the slot. While, on the next side, the return to all the puts will pay a lot of coins in the form of 1,000x the stacks. These stacks increased with time to 10,000x. Volatility, free spins, RTP, and in the absence of progressive jackpot, all the rewards could be a win without any extra effort. Here is the method to play the Viking Reign slot.

How to Play Viking Reign slot?

We are thinking that the option of Viking will produce all the useful work for gambler but unfortunately, the situation is quite different here. You can only create some multipliers through the Vikings. The wilds symbols on the reels will use to make the combinations and alternate work as usual. Moreover, the scatter symbols failed to change the types of regular symbols. All the information about the slot has taken from last slot behavior, we did not assure you about the accuracy.

The symbols of scatter will rise three times to release the free spins ten times. You will see that the wilds symbol appeared only one time on the third reels to leave mega jackpots. The other two reels that did not attach to the wild symbols. Online betting for Viking Reign has more rewards than offline. You must have experience in the past game. You also have to focus on free spins, re-spins, multipliers, and trigger feature to gather all the hidden rewards. It is not easy to handle the slot for all the newcomers of casino gambling. Here is the theme of Viking Reign that enhanced the knowledge of gamblers about the images of symbols and features.

The Theme of slot

The theme of slot based in the Viking. The role of warriors and sailors would be interesting to see on longboats. Wild Dragon symbols and Diamonds among the Scattered gave a lot of attraction to the players. The other significant symbols of the slot are the Drinking Horns, red Royals, and locations of valuable symbols. Overall, it is a decent theme to use for maximum payouts.


We have seen that the amount of betting is different than the last slots. The High Volatility and payout created some hope in the minds of players to play the slot of Viking Reign. There would be some problems that most of the functions have taken from others. These options can create some threat for players.