Vienna can be proud of her police department

Just nine days after changing the law about the slot machines, how they can be transported in the city, and the license for their usage, the Vienna Police Department managed to crack down around 50 slot machines that were illegally in the town. It is their first major busting since changing the law, but the chief of the police department said that many more will come because the law is strict.

It is the district in the town that has all the illegal activities going called Klosterneuburger Strasse, where the eye witnesses there reported to the ORF reporters the illegal transport of the slot machines going. They have witnessed four slot machines being transported and carried in the back ally of the street before entering a basement where apparently an illegal casino with more than 50 slot machines was.

The police kept searching for three days before figuring that out, and all the slot machines were confiscated because they were illegally possessed and illegally transported into the town. Wilfried Lehner, the spokesman of the Vienna Police Department said that the police tried to do their best and as soon as they found the machines they asked for confirmation before taking them away. The owners of the machines and the place did not had any documentation about the machines, so they had to be taken away from him, as it is the law that came alive on 1st of January.

The interesting thing was that the slot machines themselves were equipped with pepper spray and when anyone tried to move them from their original standing place the spray would go on. It is a tool well known to the police department of Vienna, as they have experienced such thing before. After the machine is being placed on the desired place the spray is activated, and any movement triggers it’s spraying. None of the policemen were harmed in this silly prevention.

More than 50 policemen were called for this action due to the number of the slot machines that were in the basement. They took two series of 20 machines and the last one contained around 10 together with the owners of the basement and the owners of the slot machines. Charges will be taken upon them in future days and the slot machines will be put to auction before offered to the legal casinos that possess more than 2,600 slot machines in Vienna.

This includes not so typical places for slot machines such as gas stations or food stops.

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