Vault of Anubis Casino Game Review

Vault of Anubis Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Vault of Anubis Casino Game Review

Vaults of Anubis Casino game is developed by the Red Tiger and is scheduled to release in Feb 2020 for all the casino people. We will not see the theme of the game for the first time because we have worked on the Ancient Egypt Theme many times here is again. The Review of the game is consisted of the reels, betting range, payout, multipliers, wilds symbols, regular, free spins and bonuses, stacks and the free mini-games to describe all the hidden detail of the slot.

The Vaults of Anubis Casino slot can be played through the smartphone but you must install the required application and software to run the required game. Online Betting for the Vaults Anubis will gain more traffic than the offline due to the friendly functions and features in it.

There are the modern features in the slot along with the functions but the presence of the latest graphics will inspire the casino gamblers all over the world.


There are 7 reels in the slot with the dependency on the Pays of Cluster to release the maximum jackpot of 5,000x which is a good one for the casual and the new players of the casino. The Return to Player of 95.75% is slightly but would enough for the players of Vault Anubis users of casinos. On the other hand, the location of the Cascading Reels, wilds and Colossal symbol created some fun in the slot.  Experts do not like this kind of game because of low-quality functions versus the high payout games in the casino industry 2020.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting option in the slot is not too difficult for all the users of the casino as it ranged from only $0.10 to $10 which could be paid everyone in the industry of casino. While the maximum draw out of $50,000 will be good for the wagers to amuse them. But, there is also hidden cash in the slot functions which added in the total amount of jackpot. Having no option of Progressive Jackpot, it would be interesting to play the slot for getting much response in the game.

How to Play

All the functions and features in the slot are not regular because of 7 reels in the entire slot where 6 present in the shape of symbols. These symbols can make the pairs and combinations to match on the reels for the required result for the players. After the making of Clusters, the winning symbols started to remove to get the free spaces for additional results in the slot.

The presence of the Super signs of symbol showed that all the high cash value of symbol showed the size of its.  The Wild symbol, as in the last game makes the alternate with the regular symbol for getting the prize at the spot.  If you want to get the free spins from the Vaults, land the logo of it on the reels for 4 times to achieve the 10 free spins to get more multipliers for the users. No doubt, the final mega jackpot of 5,000x will create some happiness for the users because of little opportunities in the slot. Online Betting is easy for Vaults of Anubis than to play it as physically in the stations of the casino.


The theme of the slot did not impress the wagers of casino but with the attachments of the Egypt of Ancient made is reliable for the users of casino. There are many functions in the slot like the big area of the game and modern kind of graphics which always release high kind of cash for the gamblers. The symbols of Anubis, Whip, Scarab, cards, and Eye of Ra gave all the required functions to the player of the casino as an online or offline.


The slot has enough all the required options which must be in the slot and the Ancient Theme gave hope to the players. So, we cannot ignore the importance of the game of Vaults of Anubis.

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