Valencia with new golf fields

Valencia with new golf fields

The Spanish golf association decided that it’s time to revive Valencia and its golf tradition with several new good fields for playing. It has been a long time since a new field has been set in this beautiful town – they really deserved it.

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“We prefer the smiles barcodes” poster greets, and local -tourists who enter the wide radiant and bustling Central Market of Valencia. A declaration of principles for a city that is the third largest in Spain, capital of an officially bilingual Region (there speak Spanish and Valencian), and where the XXI century shakes hands with tradition: markets old custom teem with activity, pregnant continue to give nine laps around the Cathedral (one per month of pregnancy) to ensure a good birth, grandmothers meet once a week in the round square Clot sewing traditional Fallas costumes.

In Valencia, rather than accumulate in layers filtered history as a porous presence. They are the ruins of when it was Valentia, the Roman military colony. There are traces of the Visigoth past, the powerful Arab culture, the fifteenth century, which, by the hand of Alexander VI, Pope Borgia and Valencia, consecrated the “capital” of the Mediterranean, the modernism of the twentieth century, dreams of future Santiago Calatrava resulted in the stunning architecture of the City of Arts and Science.

And there is the light, which made him famous paintings by Joaquin Sorolla and enveloping morning of the city in a soft crystalline vibration. An echo of the Mediterranean that is right there at your fingertips.

Madrileños know that very well. Since the AVE Madrid-Valencia opened, the distance between the two cities was reduced to about 2 hours. Therefore, as announced spring launched on the train, looking for the Valencian beaches. Conversely, much Valencian takes AVE early visit some shows or show in the capital, and returns home at night.

Valencia is known as the city of running. Most runners congregate in the parks along 12 km, cross the city: a green line that everyone called “the river”. Because, really, it is the dry riverbed of the Turia River, deflected after a flood in the late 50s devastated the city. The monumental work of engineering allowed charting a new course for the river and give the city a generous vegetable corridor that can be explored on foot, by session running or cycling, from the central old town to the futuristic buildings of Calatrava and modern developments around them.

There are several Valencias-and many turismos- one. It is ideal for those seeking the pleasure of an active city but deployed to “human scale”, as well as for those who follow the calendar of festivals (the famous Fallas March are favorites) or choose to go the nearby beaches. Here are four possible routes to take the pulse of a destination with its own identity.