US Open

US Open

Kevin Anderson and Rafael Nadal will face off final on Sunday, which will provide the former a possibility to claim a NY crown and sixteenth Grand Slam trophy whilst the latter will go for his first major title. It’ll be their 5th meeting overall, and only second in a Slam, with Nadal having a clean 4-0 listing lead over the tall South African, who’s just ever mustered to acquire one set over the Spanish star. Nadal is currently contesting his Grand Slam final while Anderson is currently undergoing his first. Here’s a closer look in this match of the Grand Slam season.

Its hitter, but to get a clearer idea of how competitive has been this tournament check his winner count out. That’s an average of about 15 winners per set. He’s of course the genius leader of the championship, using a total of 114 aces, also has won an average of 83 percent of the points through the event on his serve. Anderson has fallen serve only 5 times this fortnight and he held serve this US Open until he faltered. While Nadal obviously does not get as many free things with his serve how Anderson does, the Spaniards service was a real asset this fortnight because he won an average of 76 percent of the things on his first serve, and, more unexpectedly, 64 percent of the things on his second serve, that’s the second highest proportion of the tournament in that class.

The two time US Open champion fallen serve 7 times within 21 sets contested so far within NY. I’m just happy I’ve another excuse to share that this adorable photo again.US Open final! – The theme this US Open, and probably this year, has been the extraordinary success of players who have returned from lengthy injury enforced breaks, many of which included surgeries. From US Open finalists Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens, to semifinalist Juan Martin Del Potro, to Nadal, who has battled physical problems through his whole career, this fortnight was a bundle of inspiration for anybody injured out there.

Andersons own comeback tale is equally impressive. The 31 year old fought past ankle, knee also shoulder problems last season then had to skip that this year’s Australian Open with a hip injury. He slipped to No. 80 in this world in January his lowest score in seven years, but now has a possibility to return to the top-10 if he wins this title on Sunday. Nadal has saved 18 out of 25 break things faced this fortnight while Anderson saved 17/22.

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