US Open Women betting tips

US Open Women betting tips

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Tennis
US Open Women betting tips

The US Open Women has always been a huge event for the biggest stars in the tennis field. It is the last Grand Slam event of the year and complete of prestige. In the amazing surrounding of Flushing Meadows several looks to walk a similar path as the likes of Bjorn Borg, Arthur Ashe and John McEnroe which forever makes plenty of excitement.

It is a great event to be a wager on and here we are forever on the lookout for the best worth US Open Women Betting Odds 2020 to enjoy.

Below you will find entire you need to know about the event including the latest betting odds, tips on how to choose a winner and more.

2020 US Open Women – Types of bet

Futures – is a simple wager on who’ll win overall in every division. It’s best to make this wager before the event gets underway that way you can make sure the best odds for your selection. Because once the event is underway and people are starting to get knocked out of the event the betting odds will shorten.

Head to Head – this is one simpler wager available on each game of the US women 2020 on who’ll win outright in any given game. Betting odds are adjusted according to the likelihood of every player’s chances of winning.

Set gambling – Set gambling is a normally board term. It can refer to the first set winner, 2nd set winner gambles or set betting.

Game handicap gambling – this is a normal handicap wager and is calculated on a full number of matches won by any player at the end of the game. For instance, a player who is favorite to win might have a -4.5 match handicap.

US Open Women betting odds 2020

  • Serena Williams – 9/2
  • Simona Halep – 13/2
  • Naomi Osaka – 17/2
  • Ashleigh Barty – 10/1
  • Petra Kvitova – 33/1

Tips for betting on the US Open 2020

Of course, of the main this when playing US Open Women 2020 is your prediction right. It is not a simple job but there are many things that can help your gambling. You should consider a number of factors before you put your wagers including….

The hard surface – different tennis player perform better on different types of tennis courts. The US Open Tennis event is played on the hardcourt so players who experts in hard surfaces tennis will be more efficient than those who struggle very much on the surface.

Form –

From is, of course, one of the vital things to monitor when placing wagers on Grand Slam tennis events. The form of players is much more likely to do well and go way deep in the events in comparison to those who have struggled in recent tennis events.

Ranking –

The ranking is similar to form, those players who’re ranked higher are naturally more likely to well as they offer more classic than those who do not rank as well. Here what you should also check is how a tennis ranking has risen or dropped in recent times as it can help very much to identify from and the trajectory of their careers.

Head to head –

Tennis players will often come up opposite each other, so exploring their head to head, particularly, more recent meetings, will also give very useful info on how the game will go including who will win, and how many matches sets it’ll go and the sort of game it will be. As well as head to head statistics you should also analyze every player’s style of playing and see where one could be stronger or weaker than another.

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