United on their knees

United on their knees

United on their knees before the Saints

There was not any saint to save Manchester United and Louis Van Gaal from the Saints themselves at Old Trafford, despite the 6 minutes added time in the second half of the match. The so called Red Devils failed to shoot a single ball towards Foster’s goal, and failed to extend their record of 10 matches unbeaten in the Premier League.

The match played at old Trafford ended with single goal in David De Gea’s net after DusanTadic successfully shot the ball from around 12 yards and brought silence to the full stadium. In this match the Saints showed character as well as good teamwork, and finally after 21 years struggling to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford their long awaited wish and dream became reality. The looks of Ryan Gigs and Louis Van Gaal speak for themselves as after more than 250 million of transfer that was currently on the pitch failed to be worth of their money.

The best effort that Manchester United managed to make is a shot from Di Maria from way outside the box that ended way above goal.

The injury of Toby Alderweireld didn’t cause any trouble for the Southampton’s defense when the center half left the pitch in the middle of the first half after not so wanted duel with two of the Red Devil’s players. Manchester United failed to take their chance with the best defender of their opponents out of the game, showing poor game and teamwork just like the start of the league.

The record breaking statistic that the Saints managed to achieve at this game is that they can be happy with their first win on Old Trafford since January 1988 with 21 years and 19 games to pass (2 years Southampton was playing in the second English league or so called Championship) and 10 clan sheets in Manchester United’s favor. Sir Alex Ferguson must be angry.

After receiving the goal, Manchester United woke up and started to create chances and Juan Mata had the two best chances of the game in just two minutes, both assisted by Luke Shaw, former Southampton left back. Mata managed to miss both chances in one on one situation that could have turned the game in their favor. The Saints managed to keep their composure after the two 100% chances and didn’t allow one single shot at their goal to the rest of the game. Juan Mata has only one thing left to do and that is to be sorry for missing them. Saints have successfully managed to stay on the third position on the table that leads to the Champions’ league if they stay there until the end of the season.

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