Unibet extends Live Casino with Authentic Gaming

Unibet extends Live Casino with Authentic Gaming

Slot machines are undoubtedly the kings in any online casino, no area is given as much attention as the games with the reels. Sequentially fast games, high payout rates and partial astronomical jackpots draw millions of Gambler around the world. But what would be a real casino or just a really good, virtual playroom, at least if it would be one of the best online casinos in Germany, without an excellent live casino. For a long time the gamblers had to duel at pixelated tables, with quacking sound, with extremely low-ranking KI’s with roulette or BlackJack, but such a real casino flair unfortunately never really came up. Fortunately, there is now the live casino, with dealers from flesh and blood, real casino scenery and also in HD quality for the home or the smartphone for the road. With Evolution Gaming, Zugi, Extreme Live Gaming from Novomatic and NetEnt, the market for live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat seemed to be clearly divided in the online casinos meanwhile and actually it was now only about who to whom how much market shares can lose. But with Authentic Gaming, a new player in the shark tank of the industry is making a bit of the prey to be distributed, and has now successfully completed another major step in this market with Unibet as a partner.

Authentic Gaming – the specialist for live roulette

If you want to be a new company in a well-established market environment, you have to offer something special, or you can go quickly to the eternal hunting grounds. When 2015 Authentic Gaming was founded, this wisdom of the management day was of course aware, so it was only logical to concentrate on only one specific product at the beginning and to get the maximum out of it. While the competition in the live casino area is busy at all classic table games, Authentic Gaming from Malta offers only a variety of live roulette variants, but with a very special flair and state-of-the-art technology. LIVE ROULETE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – LIVE ROULETTE – DOUBLE WHEEL and LIVE ROULETTE TURBO have been developed in the HTML5 format for mobile casinos And overview without compromising the quality of streaming. Another positive argument, which Unibet Casino could not escape, and therefore Authentic Gaming has included in the circle of its live casino providers, is the special flair of these roulette tables. Andres as many competitors, Authentic Gaming does not rely on office buildings in which real casino flair is simulated, but it streams all its tables directly from genuine and luxurious gambling houses like the 5 star Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino in Italy.

This is only available with Authentic Gaming

Not only the primary development and adaptation of your own live roulette games for the mobile casino and the luxurious ambience of a real casino, are also striking arguments, which now the Unibet Casino or before LeoVegas could not escape, also special functions for the gamblers at the Tables ensure that the Live Roulette Games from Authentic Gaming are a clear enrichment for every virtual gaming room and their customers. Despite the fact that Authentic Gaming is now only one and a half years old, it is quite clear that many live casino players were questioned before, which elements would significantly improve their own playing experience. So here the Gambler can display the HOT & COLD numbers of up to 500 of the last rounds in all Live Roulette variants, and then immediately make a bet with one click on one of these often or rarely fallen numbers. Another very convenient feature, which will mainly love high-scooters, is to put on a number, such as the 16, and all other options, such as the color, the series and so on. This is also easy to do with just one click. As the crowning conclusion, Authentic Gaming also has the function of storing his favorite betting table and game across all his live roulette games, so that he can retrieve them immediately, again with only one click.