Unexpected things

Unexpected things

Posted on June 13, 2024 by in Gambling

Unexpected things that happened in a casino lately

Neither the recent move to a safer home with cameras and private guards nor the personal protective measures that took George Georgiou – Tsikito prevented him or would-be assassin / s not to perform the contract pending since at least summer against him.

Georgiou who knew he risked his life recently moved to Pyla by Aradipou where he lived both to be located closer to the “seat of their business” and also because he believed that the Pyla will be offered greater protection from any action against the life.

Some information that require further investigation by the police side bearing the George was reportedly casino owner in Pyla which had ceded or rented to another person and trying to reopen another own casino.

According to the same information, the presence of large number of casinos in the village, which due to its specificity favors the existence of such undertakings and generally conducive to conducting illegal activities and the intense competition among casino owners are the possible springs of murder.

The police after the murder after George and intense fears expressed by residents of the community, and consider the possibility of retaliation or new crime by people who try to control the nightlife and illegal activities.

Light on the case is expected to drop and closed circuit monitoring in that area which will be evaluated by the Police, and which may exhibit the actor moves or the last night’s deadly perpetrators

The administration is constantly interested in attracting new and newly s players who bring their hard-earned nest egg. In fact, the casino will always be happy to meet you, if all of the player’s actions will lead to the production of material benefit gaming establishments. On the other hand, there are some things, done that, you almost all cases simply expelled from the playing hall. And there is no difference, in that you play, Volcano slot machines or roulette, the outcome will be the same.

Here are a few actions because of which will close the doors of almost any gambling establishments in front of you.

1. You obviously will not be happy if you will consistently win in some kind of card games, which, in theory at least, we can achieve a good competitive advantage over the casino. Almost always happened in history is that a player who has won too often fall under the scope casino security, and as a result, at least specifically excluded from the game in this game. But there are cases that the player altogether forbidden to play in the casino. As a general rule, attribute this to the fact that the player uses prohibited methods of counting cards, or anything else like that. There are cases when a person really lucky, but in the end still expelled from the institution.

A completely different situation is when you play the slots. Even if you win often, you will play on the contrary to stimulate even more. According to statistics, after a series of big wins on the slots, the player eventually loses everything he has won, and in addition also his own money.

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