UK Horse Racing Tips

UK Horse Racing Tips

Ever wondered how you’ll get into it and watched horse racing? We spoke to two of the top horse racing coaches of the country to acquire their horse racing tips. These men actually know their stuff: Oliver Sherwood won of the Hennessy Gold Cup with Lots of Clouds last year, and the Grand National before this year, and Nicky Henderson has seen 3 of his brothers win of the Gold Cup before, and he appears after none other than Queen’s horses. Here is what to know if you are considering buying your very own horse. There are 3 types of horses you’ll be able to buy – Oliver Sherwood: The first option is a totally unbroken untried horse, who hasn’t had a saddle on his back.

You are doing it on pedigree and looks. And if it ends up the horse is ok, you could have it for six or seven decades. And prior to that it is sat on a field for 3 or 4 years. A horse on a race will be in off a muck sweat. He costs more money. The option is to purchase a horse off the apartment to go at which turnover for actions is shorter jumping. The way to pick your race horse trainers – OS ring up a trainer you’d come down and have a drink, and have a walk round the yard.

And that we’d discuss how much you’ve to spend and what horse you need. You are going to get individuals who buy horses who end up being no good. And you are going to get more average brothers than there are good brothers. You should choose a coach who can tell to an owner, I know you have spent a ton of cash on a horse, but sorry, we have tried everything and it has not worked. Do not make unrealistic demands of your horse – OS: The horse comes primary. They’re animals. A horse can’t. Many people think horses are machines, and you press a button and it’ll go.

They think, I am sponsoring a race and I need it to run. It does not work like that. They can tread to off a stone and bruise off a foot, for example. But always expect your coach to communicate – OS: If it had been roles reversed and I Had Been investing in your company, I’d need to know if you had been speaking double Dutch to me. Nicky Henderson: If a horse is not good enough, there is no point in keeping something which won’t come up to standard. We are supposed to be professional, and tell clients what I have got in front of me. You need to get on with your coach – NH: we’ve a big preseason party every year where all the trainers get to meet each other.

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