UEFA Champions

UEFA Champions

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UEFA Champion’s league favorites

The FC Barcelona part as favorite to re – edit the title of the Champions League after defeating unceremoniously to Arsenal . At least that’s what they think unanimously the great houses of bettors. The only clubs that could disturb him , as bettors would be the Bayern Munich after his agonizing tie against Juventus , the Real Madrid or even PSG . The rest of rivals who have agreed to the quarterfinals would have very few options.

The gambling money is tinged with Barca. Barca is the first team to win two consecutive Champions League trading at 2.50 euros . This is an identical scale for all major bookmakers. Where they begin to emerge the first questions it is when trading trackers set of Luis Enrique . Bayern Munich is the second among the preferences, with an approximate pay around 4 euros for every euro wagered. Real Madrid is between 6.50 and even 7.50. Very close on the heels of the PSG Laurent Blanc , with a payment of 8 euros.

To find the third of the representatives of the BBVA League, Atletico Madrid , date back to fifth this unique ranking. Each follower wagered by all Simeone could multiply by 13 your money. Both City and Wolfsburg and Benfica are almost anecdotal to the world of gambling options.

The road to the semifinals of the Champions League was clarified after the draw for the quarterfinals, where Bayern Munich and Real Madrid were the big winners after being paired with Benfica and Wolfsburg.

The truth is that except hecatombe both be once again in the semifinals, where they fell just last year. Guardiola dodged a bullet with your name against Juventus.

Bayern win the Champions League is a quality bet is paid 3.60 euros per euro bet on Bet365.

The truth is that the German team has spent several years playing insistently on the door. Champion in 2013, has been a semifinalist in the last two years. He also played the final in 2010 and 2012.

Madrid options have also taken a new flight after the draw will match with Wolfsburg, with the return at the Santiago Bernabeu. That white – proclaimed champions of Europe is a great option that is paid to 6.00 euros at Bet365.

Although they will have to eliminate Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals, Barcelona remains the favorite. To be made with title is paid to 2.80 euros at Bet365.

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Let’s hope that the analysis that we made will help you make a decision about the winner of the U C L.

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