UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

With the following World Cup which will start in June of the year the debate as to if the UEFA Champions League is far better than the World Cup has livened up. The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho recently stated the UEFA Champions League is now far better than the World Cup since the teams inside are in a high level than the national teams who cannot buy the best players. There is some bias in this announcement and it is self-serving because Europeans have for very Long time attempted to convince the entire world that Europe plays the best football.

First- Standard of Play – clubs have the best players, but does the World Cup. Football is a sport and the team with the players is the team. The World Cup and the UEFA Champions League both have strong teams with weak squads. The former has a greater standard of football since it is all the players who play for their respective countries with each nation having its own style of playing. The teams play a deep dedication to the flag knowing the best achievement is to win the prize and be crowned the ideal in the entire world. And on the flip side in the UEFA Champions League teams are a combination of players from several countries with various styles of playing and the players don’t have any link to the club they signify except for a contract and you may always just move to a brand-new club in another season.

Together with Brasil Neymar plays a free flowing kind with freedom to roam all over that the field. When he plays for Barcelona he’s stuck on that the wing and relegated to assist Messi and so is less effective. Second of all, Universal v City Based – that the World Cup encircles the whole world including over 200 nations across Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceana. It showcases the different styles of football as it’s played around the globe which adds to its competitiveness and color.

In contrast, the UEFA Champions League is limited to only 32 cities within Europe and where fan support will be largely limited to that the city where that the club is based.

Third, Popularity – due to its universality the World Cup is a lot more popular. So that the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was watched in every nation and territory in that the world, such as Antarctica and that the Arctic Circle and was seen by 3.2 billion people or 46.4 percent of the world’s population. Unlike the UEFA Champions League that the World Cup is more compared to a game. It unites nations and cultures and it’s for many nations that the only opportunity to give their nation a recognition in the world’s eyes.