UAE vs Ireland 5th ODI Betting Review

UAE vs Ireland 5th ODI Betting Review

From the 5 match series, both the side have played only 2 games, whereas the remaining two ones did not play due to the reason of COVID-19. On the other hand, the hosts and guest posted 1-1 point. It means that the final match of the series picked too much importance. The winner of the match will decide the trophy of the series. I have gathered all the detail of the teams and the recent performance of players. Here is a clear image of the teams for the viewers.

At the start of the series, the Hosts posted a handsome victory. The hosts failed to win the initial game versus the opposition. No doubt, the skipper of the team has succeeded to put some runs on the board. Whereas, the top-order batsman did well in the middle to gain an easy victory. Now, the time is to prove something new for their countries. The 4th contest was scheduled for the 18th of January, where Ireland rattled all the hopes of the hosts to reduce the batsman on the low score. Everyone knows that the value of 112 runs victory. It will enhance the momentum of the last match.

Head to head

According to the head-to-head result of the teams, the figures remained the same as before the series of teams. Ireland has better points on the table as compared to the UAE. They have won the 4 matches versus the 3 of United Arab Emirates. No doubt, the hosts have the edge of home ground and conditions also.

Betting Tips & Odds

I would like to ask you to check the recent profiles of players by knowing the runs and bowling records. These figures must be analyzed according to the home and away grounds. Sometimes, players did well in home places while failed in away ground. Kevin Obrien, who is the skipper of the Irish could be the star of the day. On the next side, we cannot ignore the performance of Usman in the 1st ODI. We also have seen that the Ireland side beats the big nations like Pakistan and England in high profile games of cricket. In 2007, Ireland created an upset versus Pakistan and the same kind of performances in 2011 vs England.

Who Will Win?

Before announcing the final expected result, I would like to ask you that I collected all the latest results. On the behalf of this, I am assured that the hosts will be the winner of the day. Moreover, as per my analysis, there will not a big problem to overcome the Irish team.


Have you read all the information about the players? If you did not do it, then you must clear the latest head-to-head outcomes of the teams. Moreover, every prediction demanded the facts and figures of the players. Both the side have almost the same kind of bowling department, but on the other hands, the Ireland side is better in the batting. So, it would be the only reason to announce the hosts, the winner of the match. All the prominent players are in form to demolish the opposition in the last contest of the series.