Types of Video Slot Machines

Types of Video Slot Machines

Posted on March 24, 2022 by in Gambling
Types of Video Slot Machines

There are many different kinds of entertainment available in online gambling. However, the one that stands out from all of them is the slot machines. Why do you ask? The fact that this is a separate type of gambling, where the game is really dynamic because at any second you can become the owner of a big prize. Plus, only the slots have unique stories, different features and unique designs. However, there are other aspects that are called technical. Here, too, each provider tries to set its own RTP or volatility settings. In addition, slots are an excellent opportunity to learn all the delights of gambling and at the same time have the opportunity to win a big cash prize.

If you compare slots with each other, there are only a few types, two to be exact. These are the ones that determine how different one slot is from another. It’s not even about the features and design used to create these games. Let’s take a closer look at the types of slots I’ve already mentioned.

In terms of volatility level

Volatility or variation are two different words that mean the same thing. However, the word volatility is much more commonly used, so many players use this particular designation to understand how long a player’s balance will last.

Yes, the first parameter that can be highlighted is volatility. There are currently three types of volatility: high, medium, and low. Let’s find out what these parameters are and how they affect the game.

Slots with high volatility have the following parameters:

  • The first thing to understand is that winnings in slots with high volatility can reach truly enormous values of up to x50,000. If the multiplier is less than that, it is not worth risking your own money and checking volatility
  • Another of the parameters that a high volatility slot must meet is a high RTP. The fact is that the theoretical return is crucial when you need to make hundreds of spins before you get a big multiplier.

These two parameters are the most important conditions that a high volatility slot must meet.

Now let’s break down the slots with medium volatility:

  • The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the RTP. The theoretical return in slots with average volatility can be quite different. Therefore, you should check the RTP before you start playing. The fact is that some of these slots can have a very low rate, which can have a very negative effect on your game
  • Now a very important point concerns the multiplier in medium volatility slots. Here you can see really big multipliers that reach values of x3,000-x5,000. Anything below these limits is not good for you and try to avoid such slots.

Finally, the third parameter is low-volatility slots:

  • Low volatility slots usually have different RTP levels. You can choose low or high RTP slots. However, I still recommend settling for a higher theoretical return rate, because it directly affects your winnings. In terms of specific numbers, as a rule of thumb, don’t play slots with an RTP below 96%
  • The multipliers in low-volatility slots, on the other hand, are much more complicated. The fact is that in these games the multiplier rarely reaches x1,000. So be patient to start playing low volatility slots.

There is also a theory that slots with high volatility pay a lot, but very rarely. Low volatility slots, on the other hand, pay a lot, but have low winnings. If we are talking about slots with medium volatility, they will be somewhere in the middle between high and low volatility.

So to speak, for beginner players, we would rather recommend low volatility slots. You can find a complete list of low-volatility slot machines here.

In terms of the number of reels

Another obvious difference in slots is the construction. All players know that there are games with 3 reels and there are slots where this value can go up to 7. If you take the 3 reel slots, then these are the classic games that often personify the casino world and that were originally the first to be delivered to land-based casinos. Of course, online casinos also have such classic versions of slots, but with the advent of slots with more reels, people are less likely to play them. What are the advantages of having more reels? The answer is obvious: more reels means more opportunities to win.

So, if you play a slot that has 4, 5, 6 or 7 reels, then you can make combinations that contain up to 7 of the same symbols. As a consequence, your winnings increase. Think about it, winning with three of the same symbol and winning with the same combination, but consisting of 7 of the same picture. More often than not, you will come across slots with 5 or 6 reels, because these are the most common slots. An additional 7 reel can be used as an expanding reel, which is usually inactive during regular gameplay, but should a special combination of symbols appear and become active.

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